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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Professor Sir Alasdair Muir Breckenridge Honorary 2007
Dr Helen Prosser Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2007
Dr Bryan John Banks Architecture 2007
Mrs Dorothy Winefred Smith Combined Honours 2007
Miss Donna Topping Biochemistry 2007
Mr George Garza Information Technology 2007
Mr Lee Kevin Riley Philosophy 2007
Miss Adeline Tan Anatomy & Human Biology 2007
Miss Nicola Claire Jones Jones Bioveterinary Science 2007
Mr Simon Lloyd Knight Law 2007
Mr Michael Arnott Information Technology 2007
Mr Nicholas James Wright Politics & Internat Bus 2007
Mr Frederick Freeman Honorary 2007
Ms Vida Eslami Business Administration 2007
Dr Wasfie Mhabak English Renaissance & Romantic Literature 2007
Dr Joseph Kevin McNamara Irish Studies 2007