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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
The Right Honourable William Oulton Wade 2006
Mr Robert Walter Reimer Information Technology 2006
Ms Margaret Mary Fearon Combined Honours 2006
Miss Nixie Ngu Software Development 2006
Miss Bethany Secker Physiotherapy 2006
Miss Emma Elizabeth Worsley Zoology 2006
Miss Mary Victoria Davies Mechanical Engineering 2006
Dr Wendy Elizabeth Whitby Archaeology 2006
Miss Lisa Loughney Psychology 2006
Mr Kevin Patrick Boyle Marine Biology 2006
Mr Arjen Huzen Information Technology 2006
Dr Mohammad Akbar Ali Honorary 2006
Dr Terry Hands Honorary 2006
Dr Pete Postlethwaite Honorary 2006
Dr John McCabe Honorary 2006
Mr Matthew Simon Malone Twentieth Century History 2006
Mr William Geoffrey Adams Master of Science 2006