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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Malachi Vincent Fearon General Continuing Education 2005
Mr Alan Moss Combined Honours 2005
Mr Kevin Doran Doran Information Technology 2005
Professor James Whyte Black Honorary 2005
Dr Brian Jacques Honorary 2005
Dr John Hume Honorary 2005
Mr Thomas Matthew Brown Physics 2005
Dr Victoria Elizabeth Barton Chemistry with Pharmacology 2005
Miss Georgina Anne Hyde Combined Honours 2005
Miss Nina Francesca Jelen Architecture 2005
Miss Sarah Louise Hornby Mathematics 2005
Miss Elizabeth Emma Nankabirwa Nnyanzi Tropical Disease Biology 2005
Mr David Steven James Aerospace Engineering 2005
Mr Christopher John Fisher Radiometrics Instrumentation & Modelling 2005
Mr Paul Turnbull Information Technology 2005
Mr Selwyn Ishuardas Desai Ocean and Earth Sciences 2005
Mr Lee Luke David Lees Hibbert Veterinary Science 2005
Professor Lewis Ross Fischer 2005
Mr Johannes Klaassen Business Administration 2005
Mr Michael Patrick Francis Durkan Clinical Nursing 2005
Mr James Robert Poxon Poxon Information Technology 2005
Mr Bernard Venance Mapalala Medical Microbiology 2005