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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Bert William Stokes Combined Honours 2004
Reverend Donald Alfred Bullen Philosophy 2004
Mr David Chee Sing Chow Pharmacology 2004
Professor Harold Walter Kroto Honorary 2004
The Right Honourable Ernest Jackson Lawson Soulsby 2004
Mr James Hugh Mackay French & Hispanic Studies 2004
Mr John Mousa Tanous Aerospace Engineering 2004
Mr Callan Gordon Psychology 2004
Mr Robert John Lawrence Dunn Business Economics 2004
Mr Cyril Turner Williamson Combined Honours 2004
Dr James Joseph Ryder Movement Sci & Phys Recreation 2004
Mrs Eileen Margaret Daniels History of Science & Technology 2004
Mrs Susan Kitson Education 2004
Miss Jane Elizabeth Richardson Geography 2004
Mr James Anthony Furlong History 2004
Miss Rebecca Louise Owen Ancient History & Archaeology 2004
Mr Damian De Aspey Information Technology 2004
Mr Hajo Stoel Information Technology 2004
Mrs Andrea Sade Education (Israel) 2004
Ms Rachel Henney Henney Social Work 2004
Mr David William Longman Postgraduate Certificate 2004