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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Adedamola Oladimeji Aerospace Engineering 2003
Mr John Griffiths History 2003
Mr Daniel Robert Aram Politics 2003
Mr Dominic John Delves Crisp Law 2003
Mr Mark David Cole Pharmacology 2003
Ms Eimear Leyden Diagnostic Radiography 2003
Mrs Susan Joy Warr Local History 2003
Miss Kelly Louise Bicknell Business Studies 2003
Mr Andrew John Hargrave Addictive Behaviours 2003
Mr Francis Samuel O'Brien Combined Honours 2003
Mrs Patricia Anne Thompson Combined Honours 2003
Miss Elizabeth Anna Kathryn Beever Veterinary Science 2003
Ms Joy Margaret Ripley Children. Policy. Practice & the Law 2003
Ms Alicia Lynne Bateman Psychology And Investigation 2003
Mrs Tzipora Meshulam Education (Israel) 2003