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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Sir Brian Gordon Wolfson 2002
Mr Stanley Aldborough Old History of Science & Technology 2002
Dr Philip John Masters Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2002
Dr Peter Driscoll Booker Anaesthesia 2002
Dr Dennis Frank Petch Archaeology Classics & Oriental Studies 2002
Dr Paul Joseph Woods Pharmacology 2002
Mr Neil Andrew Mathieson Veterinary Science 2002
Mr Adrian Keith Sudbury Physiology 2002
Mrs Kathleen Mary Gibson Victorian Literature 2002
Ms Christina Patricia Hopkins-Fennell Victorian Literature 2002
Mr James Anthony Cook Otolaryngology 2002
Mrs Mary Carolyn Allsop Archaeology 2002
Reverend Austen Smith Honorary 2002
Dr Peter George Sissons 2002