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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Adam Conrad Kowalski Computer Information Systems 2001
Mrs Della-Jane Viola Campbell Law (Cayman Islands) 2001
Dr Henri Morris Sueke Pharmacology 2001
Mr Parry Martin Rhys Clarke Zoology 2001
Miss Abigail Joan Myton Chemistry with Pharmacology 2001
Mr Raymond Anthony Southern Combined Honours 2001
Mr Andrew Gareth Soares Modern History & Politics 2001
Miss Emma-Jayne Daly Architecture 2001
Mr Nicholas Alexander English Language & Literature 2001
Miss Sarah Nicola Finney Environmental Biology 2001
Mr Kevin Fitzsimmons Combined Honours 2001
Miss Isabel Alexandra Morison Yates Music 2001
Mrs Heather Kendall Brownrigg Veterinary Science 2001
Miss Ruth Naomi Naylor Nursing 2001
Mr Matthew Paul Christie Geology 2001
Miss Tammy Gillison Occupational Therapy 2001
Mr Keith James Johnson Master of Civic Design 2001
Sir Alan William Waterworth Honorary 2001
Professor John Horton Conway 2001