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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Reginald Thorne Davies Honorary 2000
Dr Adrian Henri Honorary 2000
Dr George Melly Honorary 2000
Mrs Mary Veronica Maxwell Irish Studies 2000
Mr Ioannis Sbokos Civil Engineering 2000
Mr John Gerald Thorpe Software Technology 2000
Mr Arthur Graley Bachelor of Education 2000
Dr Elizabeth Yates Doctor In Philosophy 2000
Mrs June Clayton History 2000
Mr Vincent Paul Ruxton Product Design & Management 2000
Mr Christopher John Hallwood Computer Information Systems 2000
Miss Gillian Elspeth Forsyth English & French Laws with French 2000
Miss Emma Rosamund Lindley English Language & Literature 2000
Miss Margaret Ann MacKinnon Chemistry 2000
Mr Robert James Atkin Geology & Physical Geography 2000
Mr Stephen Brian Taylor Law 2000
Miss Victoria Louise Kerly Law 2000
Mr Batsile Seanana Archives & Record Management 2000
Mr Michael John Lee Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2000
Dr Jean Alison Hugh-Jones Houston History of Science & Technology 2000
Mr Cyril John Kerley Design 2000
Miss Judith Krish French & Hispanic Studies 2000
His Grace Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor Honorary 2000
Sir Nicholas Vernon Scheele Honorary 2000