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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Miss Lucy Jane Shanks-Rickard Computer Information Systems 1999
Mr Pierre Edouard Francois Claisse Civil & Maritime Engineering 1999
Mrs Anne Braithwaite Reeve Gerontology 1999
Dr Roger Geoffrey Clarke Biological Sciences 1999
Mrs Emily Kate Lockley Ratcliffe Mathematical Sci With A Euro Lang (4Yrs) 1999
Dr Katharine Elizabeth Weir Borer Veterinary Science 1999
Dr Mohammed Irfan Sulaiman Medicine 1999
Mr George Ernest John Hilton Veterinary Science 1999
Mr Michael Wagner Philosophy 1999
Miss Kirsty Sara Jones Combined Honours 1999
Miss Louise Victoria Brown Combined Honours 1999
Mr Richard Holmes Law 1999
Mrs Mary Christina Thomas Andrews Sociology & Social Policy 1999
Ms Juliette Elizabeth Maria Doman Combined Honours 1999
Miss Eilidh Jake Cairns Marine Biology 1999
Mr David John Kendall History 1999
Mr Padraig Francis Thornhill Irish Studies 1999
Mr James Stanford Mathematical Physics 1999
Dr Dedimuni Amith Indika Munindradasa Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1999
Mr Alfred Barry Williams Contemporary Art 1999
Dr John Jenkyn Parry Archaeology Classics & Oriental Studies 1999
Emeritus Professor John Nelson Tarn Honorary 1999
Sir Bernard Lovell 1999