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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Miss Claire Louise McCleary Zoology 1998
Dr Andrew David Richard Marks Doctor In Philosophy 1998
Mr Gary George Furness Archaeology 1998
Mr Derek Graham Kingston Public Health 1998
Mr Anthony John Heslop Practical French Language 1998
Dr Suzete De Almeida Alves Rudland Silva Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1998
Miss Audrey Elizabeth Norton Philosophy 1998
Dr Jill Susanna Bleakley Veterinary Pathology 1998
Mr James Robert Williams Pharmacology 1998
Miss Katherine Susan Stewart German 1998
Miss Jessica Mari Richards Combined Honours 1998
Mr Michael Rabson Hispanic Studies 1998
Mrs Anna Michelle Moutter Whalley History 1998
Dr Martin Collett Geography 1998
Dr Mark David Pittaway Doctor In Philosophy 1998
Dr Thomas Vincent Attwood History of Science & Technology 1998
Mr Paul Dennis Flodman International & European Law 1998
Mr Andrew David Smith Education 1998
Mr Shaun Corrigan Information Systems 1998
Mr Edward Peter Peers Ancient History & Archaeology 1998
Sir David Jack 1998
Sir William Erskine Gladstone 1998
Dr Thomas Ian Fleming Tod 1998