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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Peter Richard Leckie Certificate in Software Technology 1997
Lt Colonel Charles Henry Elston 1997
Mr Khai Jinn Chow Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1997
Mr Anthony Augustine Doran Advanced Scientific Computation 1997
Mrs Ruth Hurst Vose Hurst Archaeology 1997
Dr Rahul Dwivedi Medicine 1997
Miss Margaret Clare Brannigan Veterinary Science 1997
Mr Paul Patrick Donnelly Veterinary Science 1997
Miss Siv Aina Jensen Veterinary Science 1997
Mrs Maureen Judith Jones Philosophy 1997
Miss Heather Osborne French 1997
Miss Holly Angharad Davies English & French 1997
Miss Sarah Louise Wilson German with Dutch 1997
Mr Richard Massey Computer Sc. With A European Language 1997
Mr Michael John Mitchell Environmental Biology 1997
Mr James Henry Bailey Geology & Physical Geography 1997
Mr Stephen Mark Jones Mathematical Statistics 1997
Mr Peter Stuart Hay Geology 1997
Mr Jacob Bryan Stephen Geography 1997
Mrs Susan Ann Kennedy May Combined Honours 1997
Mr Amit Doron Hadad Levy Law 1997
Mrs Anne Winifred Farrer Brogden Local History 1997
Mrs Janet Wilkinson Dalgleish Steel Certificate in Advanaced Study in Education 1997
Mr Fikile Mlomo Democratic Theory & Practice 1997
Dr Bennett Tracy Huffman Directed Research In English 1997
Mr David John Williams Public Administration 1997
Mr Milan Mirich Software Technology 1997
Dr Arthur Bickerton Honorary 1997