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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Jack Davies French 1996
Mrs Gwendoline Owen Roberts Education 1996
Dr Derek Hazlitt Morris Honorary 1996
Mr Colin Brown Civil Engineering 1996
Mrs Susan Bartsch Plant Science 1996
Mr David St John Weyers Music 1996
Dr David Firth Collinson Certificate in Software Technology 1996
Mr Stephen Alexander Baskett Certificate in Software Technology 1996
Mr David Willis Certificate in Software Technology 1996
Dr Helen McNamara Medicine 1996
Mr David Dwyer Local History 1996
Miss Polly Rose Josephine Corrigan Combined Honours 1996
Dr Sally Clare Crawshaw Dickinson Biochemistry 1996
Miss Samantha Anne Glenning Combined Honours 1996
Mrs Beryl Mary Cleminson Dover Classics 1996
Mr Christopher David Lightfoot Zoology 1996
Miss Sarah Ann Myatt History 1996
Mr Christian Battelley Modern History & Politics 1996
Miss Veronica Eileen Slack Ancient History & Archaeology 1996
Mr David Conrad Garton Politics 1996
Mr Ian Parry Mathematics And Computer Science 1996
Mr Edward William Ashton Combined Honours 1996
Mr Richard John Cunningham Molecular Biology 1996
Mrs Valerie Ann Strauss Combined Honours 1996
Mr Peadar McQuillan Architecture 1996
Mr Peter Benjamin Farrer Victorian Literature 1996
Mr Kenneth Harvey Stanton Women's History 1996
Mrs Susan Jane Jones Cook Clinical Nursing 1996
Mr Paul Johnson Certificate in Software Technology 1996
Mr Graham Berry Software Technology 1996
Dr Derek Francis Wynne Doctor In Philosophy 1996
Dr Joanna Mary Banks Earth Sciences 1996
Sir David Francis Barnes 1996
Professor Alan Rushton Battersby 1996
The Rt Hon James Callaghan 1996