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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Anita Samuels 1995
Mrs Carmel Cornelia Brooks Combined Honours 1995
Dr Anthony Simcock Secondary Certificate In Education 1995
Miss Sally Anne McGrady Certificate in Higher Education 1995
Mr Morten Holst Andreasen Applied Parasitology & Medical Entomology 1995
Dr Eric Charles Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1995
Mr Tanzibur Rahman Chowdhury Civic Design 1995
Mr John Lewis Kenyon Master of Arts 1995
Mr Robert James Paul Sinnott Geography 1995
Mr Roy Pottinger Hispanic Studies 1995
Mr Jameel Mohamed Damji Sociology 1995
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Foster Whitaker Education 1995
Mr Harry Rooney Forensic Behavioural Science 1995
Mr Jonathan Paul Dibb Economic & Social History 1995
Mr David Ross Lakie Chemistry 1995
Mr Nicholas Benjamin Flaherty Geography 1995
Mr Christopher Newby Politics 1995
Mrs Shirley Anne Lowndes Jones History 1995
Mrs Barbara Rogers Marais Psychology (SES) 1995
Mr Razali Bin Ab-Rahim Computer Electronics & Robotics 1995
Mr Mark Robert Latham History 1995
Mr Robert Kenneth Shallcross Building Management And Technology 1995
Dr Franz Pock Master of Arts 1995
Mr Martin Downie Master of Design 1995
Mrs Carol Margaret Henrys Contemporary Art 1995
Mr Andrew Charles Lloyd Braithwaite Latin American Studies 1995
Mr George Frederick Legg Social Work 1995
Mr Mark Joseph Devenish-Meares Investigative Psychology 1995
Dr Louise Bleazard Pickering Doctor In Philosophy 1995
Mr Harry Graham Wallace Metaphysics & the Philosophy of Religion 1995
Mr Neville Carrick Local History 1995
Dr Gary Duncan Mahoney Environmental Assessment 1995
Viscount Younger 1995
Sir Arthur C Clarke Honorary 1995