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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Noel Rawsthorne Honorary 1994
Sir Robert Donald Wilson 1994
Mr Mark Thomas Rillands Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 1994
Dr William Stothart 1994
Mr Mark Dexter Waples Combined Honours 1994
Miss Lynda Mair Blainey Education 1994
Miss Soad Abdulla El Bosseri Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mrs Gabrielle Mary Brydon Kenny Education 1994
Mr Carl Fynton Turnbull Combined Subjects 1994
Mr Simon Andrew Graham Geography 1994
Mr Paul Doran French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mrs Emma Clare Wren Balfour (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Anna Elizabeth Ball (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mrs Helen Ivonne Baines Woolsey (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr Garry William Stanway Veterinary Science 1994
Ms Denise Dare Bowerman (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Angela Janet; Kirstie Grenfell (HE)BAComb/English & Music 1994
Mrs Helen Jean Rush Wilson Combined Subjects 1994
Dr Nirupam Goenka Medicine 1994
Mr Jonathan Marc Hill Microbiology 1994
Mr Guy Martin Parsons Mathematics 1994
Mr Louis Carl Jefferies 1994
Mr Kimmo Evans Marine Biology 1994
Mr James Hignett Smith Combined Subjects 1994
Mr Godfrey Andries Cremer Certificate in Race/Comminity Relations 1994
Mrs Alice Mmari Singano Community Health 1994
Mr Howard Turton Certificate in Software Technology 1994
Mr Stephen Foga Certificate in Software Technology 1994
Dr Edward Heeley Architecture & Building Engineering 1994
Mr Bernard Michael Willoughby Irish Studies 1994
Ms Jean Hartrick Hill Language Teaching & Learning 1994
Mr Graham Derek Hughes Mechanical Systems Engineering 1994
Sir John Maddox Honorary 1994
Dame Kathleen Mary Ollerenshaw Honorary 1994
Sir Denis Rooke 1994
Professor David Williams Honorary 1994