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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Adrian Patrick Vandeldt Medicine 1993
Miss Leander Jo Sanderson English & Communication Studies 1993
Ms Bernadette Carmel Ryle English Language & Literature 1993
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Barr Pope Social Studies 1993
Mrs Samantha Dawn Jones Jones Mathematics/Materials Science 1993
Mrs Geraldine Wilby Pittam English 1993
Mr Frank Earle Local History 1993
Miss Diana Mary Farley History of Science & Technology 1993
Mrs Linda Bernadette Hannant Myhan (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1993
Mrs Anne Margaret Consedine Sampson History 1993
Mrs Lesley Denise Wimpenny Public Health 1993
Miss Cherith Joy Watson Sociology 1993
Mr Russell Liam Jones Bachelor of Arts 1993
Miss Jane Katherine Longhurst Music 1993
Mrs Frances Mary Lawton Midwood Occupational Therapy 1993
Mrs Janet Williams Tilley Occupational Therapy 1993
Mr Neil Hogarth Bachelor of Arts 1993
Mr Donald James Harding Electronic & Communication Engineering 1993
Mrs Margaret Anne Workman Bachelor of Arts 1993
Ms Sarah Patrick Delany English Language & Literature 1993
Dr Tessa Whitton Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1993
Mrs June Walkley Bates Certificate in Software Technology 1993
Mr George Hedley Kingdon (HE)BAComb./Art & Music 1993
Ms Elizabeth Craig Browne Economic History 1993
Mr Andrew Lewis Computer Science 1993
Mr Stephen Thomas Lane Certificate In Education 1993
Sir Bernard Crossland Honorary 1993