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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Christine Lesley Hardman Kirkwood Family Planning 1992
Mrs Olive Mary Coulshed Victorian Literature 1992
Professor Nelson Polsby 1992
Mr Charles Bryan Croker Diploma 1992
Mr Thomas Philip Steer Local History 1992
Mr John Burns Bachelor of Arts 1992
Mr James Johnson (HE)BAComb./English & History 1992
Miss Edna Ann Westbury Bachelor of Arts 1992
Mr Clive John Walton Combined Honours 1992
Mr Geoffrey Ernest Wood Bachelor of Arts 1992
Miss Siobhan Mary James-Moore Combined Honours 1992
Miss Wendy Ruth Jaques Veterinary Science 1992
Miss Laura Anne Riley Veterinary Science 1992
Miss Christina Albertina Mathematics 1992
Dr Ann Jennifer Martin Zoology 1992
Dr Vanessa Anne Sluming Longridge Physical Habilitation 1992
Mr Kevin Michael Lynn Sociology 1992
Dr Philip Spencer Duffy Medical Cell Biology 1992
Mrs Sheila Patricia Renshaw Mitchell Mathematics 1992
Mr Andrew Thomas Furniss Economics 1992
Miss Catherine Louise Allman Music 1992
Mrs Christina Louise Wood Morgan Engineering Science 1992
Miss Claire Justine Morgan Psychology 1992
Mrs Mary Rose Trigg Caunter Law 1992
Mrs Eileen Greer McNally Greer French 1992
Mrs Anne Mary Wheeler Sumner Clinical Psychology 1992
Mr Srikant Mysorekar Dentistry 1992
Mr John Richard Peverall Ethics of Health Care 1992
Mr George William Milling Social Work 1992
Mrs Mary O'Loughlin Barry Social Work 1992
Mrs Judith Lucas Bacon Ethics of Health Care 1992
Ms Thecla Jane Wilkinson Ethics of Health Care 1992
Dr Ian Gerald McKeane Irish Studies 1992
Mrs Naomi Klenerman Sacks English 1992
Mr William Stonehouse Stacey Victorian Literature 1992
Mrs Mary Philomena Skinner Education 1992
Dr Hugh Douglas Gray Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1992
Mr Stephen Byrom Education 1992
Mr Andrew Gerard Mark Preston Certificate In Education 1992
Mrs Rosalind Anne Williams Bradshaw Certificate In Education 1992
Mr Thomas Henry Peltier Information Systems 1992
Ms Nyangoma Kabarole Tropical Medicine 1992
Dr Keith Douglas Dick Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1992
Mrs Sylvia Joyce Critchley Tennant Nursing 1992
Mrs Irene Tobin Family Planning 1992
Dr Ahmed Abdulrahman Bakathir Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1992
Dr Sean Michael Lynch Marine Biology 1992
Dr Vernon Handley 1992
Professor Richard Southwood 1992
Dr Henry Leslie Louis John Barter Honorary 1992