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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Abdul Razak Mossa Electrical Engineering 1991
Mrs Betty Carol Taxman Glanz Microbiology 1991
Mr Gareth Walker Physiology 1991
Mr Joseph O'Connor Social Studies 1991
Miss Ann Ratcliffe Business Economics 1991
Mr Kevin Connolly Social Work 1991
Dr Matthew Lukwiya Tropical Paediatrics 1991
Dr Goodall Kwanele Maholwana Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1991
Dr Esther Margaret Ramsay Local History 1991
Mr Eric Reeday Illingworth Local History 1991
Mr John Francis Greenacre Egyptology 1991
Mr Daniel Edward Murray English Language & Literature 1991
Miss Alison Margaret Ford English Literature and Communication Studies 1991
Mrs Helen Marklew Turner Dentistry 1991
Mr Matthew Peter Kernot Engineering 1991
Miss Sharon Ann Stevens Civil & Structural Engineering 1991
Dr Helen Jane Avann Kirkman Medicine 1991
Mr Norman David Smith Social Work 1991
Mrs Margaret Harrison Ingle Economic History 1991
Miss Irene Louise Adaway Geography 1991
Mr Peter Doyle Sociology 1991
Dr Eve Martin Veterinary Science 1991
Miss Jacqueline Ruth Stockton Modular Programme 1991
Mr John Harold Banks Modular Programme 1991
Mr James Howard Peachey Mechanical Engineering 1991
Mr Peter Felix Hagembe Orthopaedics.MSurg. 1991
Ms Lynn Mai Jones Environmental & Evolutionary Biology 1991
Dr Suzanne Tickner Pure Mathematics 1991
Dr John Taylor Education 1991
Mrs Sally Ann Hartley Education 1991
Mr Ian David Ellis Bachelor of Arts 1991
Miss Jane Owen Bachelor of Arts 1991
Miss Helen Louise Walker Combined Subjects 1991
Mrs Jean Aspinall Combined Honours 1991
Miss Cheryl Susan Lafford Bachelor of Education 1991
Mrs Denise Monica Peel Bachelor of Education 1991
Mr Daniel Gerard Henderson Combined Studies 1991
Mrs Anne Marie Rigby Bachelor of Arts 1991
Dr Wendy Hawes Mathematics 1991
Baroness Mary Helen Warnock 1991
The Right Honourable Claus Moser 1991