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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Anjali Rawson Serdeshmukh Medicine 1990
Admiral William J Crowe 1990
Mr Phindisile Nelson Boboyi Public Administration 1990
Mrs Jane Lesley Eggleston Ellinsworth English Language & Literature 1990
Miss Helen O'Kell Archaeology 1990
Mr Stephen Lind Classical Studies 1990
Miss Elizabeth Davina Blair Modern History 1990
Mrs Janet Prudence Withersby Dunn 1990
Mrs Fiona Margaret Mayers King Bachelor of Education 1990
Miss Sara Jane Durow Board of College Studies 1990
Mr David Gordon Howarth Combined Honours 1990
Mr Michael Murphy Bachelor of Arts 1990
Mrs Valerie Christine Parker Bachelor of Arts 1990
Miss Therese Margaret Tanner Bachelor of Education 1990
Mrs Penelope Morris Faulkner Bachelor of Education 1990
Mrs Hilary Dore Price Evans 1990
Ms Elizabeth Ann Houston Bachelor of Education 1990
Miss Ruth Louise Pacey Bachelor of Education 1990
Dr Jennifer Lynn Alienello Research 1990
Mr Stuart Philip Hunt Electronic Engineering 1990
Dr Colin David Foster 1990
Mr Stephen Ryder Microelectronic Systems & Telecommunications 1990
Mr Charles Edward Shaw Rothwell Law 1990
Mrs Maureen Stranack Allerston Nursing 1990
Mrs Christine Margaret Fisher Birchall 1990
Mr Kevin David Kendrick General Practice 1990
Mr David Ford Meyer Biochemistry 1990
Mr Richard Ashley Wright Physical Educ./Movement Science 1990
Mr Edward Francis Vincent Kinrade Molecular Biology 1990
Mr Roger David Foggitt Marine Biology 1990
Mr Christopher Neil Hesketh Computer Science 1990
Mr Mark Simon Powell Computer Science 1990
Mr Nitin Parmar Computer Science 1990
Mr David Lloyd Barker Combined Honours 1990
Mr Christopher David Pace Management Economics and Accounting 1990
Miss Juliette Anne Williams Combined Honours 1990
Miss Dawn Arleen Henderson Psychology (SES) 1990
Mr Andrew John Dunn Political Theory and Institutions 1990
Mr Simon John Barry Veterinary Science 1990
Miss Mary Louise Seddon Veterinary Science 1990
Dr John Mcarthur Pollock Research 1990
Mr Philemon Claudius Chigwanda Orthopaedic Surgery 1990
Dr Joanne Lesley Howe Pharmacology 1990
The Right Honourable McFarlane 1990