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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Marie Frances Shiels Combined Honours 1989
Miss Debra Jane Weston Psychology 1989
Miss Patricia Platt Combined Studies 1989
Dr Andrew Peter Charles Robinson Medicine 1989
Miss Fiona Mary Reilly Combined Studies 1989
Mr Calum Lewis Cannings German/Linguistics 1989
Mr David Gary Jones Economic History 1989
Miss Margaret Nwakaego Ebite Public Administration 1989
Dr John Wheldon Jones Medicine 1989
Mr Brian Hunter Smart Marine Biology 1989
Mrs Mary Ann Lamb Goulding Diploma 1989
Mrs Judith Elizabeth Richardson Diploma & Certificate Courses 1989
Mrs Joyce Marie Jackson Moore Education 1989
Miss Nicola Suzanne George Accounting 1989
Mrs Anne Josephine Synnott Diploma & Certificate Courses 1989
Dr Jeffrey Dumo Baqwa Diploma 1989
Mr Christopher Martyn Cooke Mathematics 1989
Mr Michael Rafferty Social Work 1989
Mr Stephen Potter Economic History 1989
Mrs Patricia Anne Mann Davies Veterinary Science 1989
Mrs Rose Teresa McKiernan O'Hart Nursing 1989
Mr Andrew Kenneth Davidson Pharmacology 1989
Mr Neil Andrew Redman Chemistry 1989
Mrs Jacqueline Ann Nicholas Fletcher English Language & Literature 1989
Mrs Shirley Patricia Mazier Watkins Certificate 1989
Mr Andrew David Brooks Architecture 1989
Dr Ian Baird Allan Research 1989
Mr George Charles Lynn Hispanic Studies 1989
Mr Paul Henry Boskett Diploma 1989
Miss Elizabeth Susan Hyde Certificate 1989
Sir David Alexander Orr 1989
Mr Julian James Charles Dawson Biochemistry 1989
Ms Catherine Earlam Diploma 1989
Dr Gregory Dennis Dilliway Tropical Medicine 1989
Sir Albert Edward Sloman Honorary 1989