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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Sir Leslie Clarence Young 1988
Mr Andrew Edward T Dakin Combined Honours 1988
Dr Stephen Gray Honorary 1988
Reverend Joseph Francis Fleming French & Hispanic Studies 1988
Dr Helen Forrester 1988
Mr James Frank Banks Law (Cayman Islands) 1988
Mr Patrick Joseph Dignan Bachelor of Education 1988
Dr Nicholas Melville Beattie Bachelor of Education 1988
Dr Janet Kay Wreglesworth Dutton Medicine 1988
Mrs Ingrid Jill Clarke Board of College Studies 1988
Mr Mark Burgoine Computer Science 1988
Mr Bruce David Webb Computing/Economics 1988
Mr James Clarke Law 1988
Mrs Monica Barrett Sociology 1988
Mrs June Birch Pickles Education 1988
Mrs Janet Parker Dewhurst German with Dutch 1988
Mr Robert Alexander Pringle History Medieval and Modern 1988
Mr Colin Harrison Bachelor of Education 1988
Mr Leonard Robert Edwards Hispanic Studies 1988
Mrs Julie Flynn Gallagher Bachelor of Arts 1988
Sir Robert Sainsbury 1988
Mrs Rosemary Edith Wickstead Weir Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 1988
Ms Alice Elizabeth Pinchard Cook Geography 1988
Dr Andrew Chi Shing Chan Medicine 1988
Ms Catherine Rose Dooley English Language & Literature 1988
Mr Alan Garner Chemistry 1988
Ms Karen Patricia Lloyd Archaeology 1988
Dr Chi Kai Koo Medicine 1988
Mr Paul Anthony Molland Genetics 1988
Dr Peter John Rowe Law 1988
Ms Jillian Ann Shattock Psychology 1988
Ms Clare Viva Towner Zoology 1988
Mr Gary John Walkington Building Services Engineering 1988
Mrs Noreen Marjorie Wood Lucas Combined Honours 1988