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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr John Lowe Veterinary Science 1987
Mr Francis Andrew Clarke Bachelor of Arts 1987
Mrs Ann Cooper-Jones Education 1987
Mr Barry Robert Conalty Biochemistry 1987
Sir Alastair Pilkington 1987
Mr Nickolas Papacosta 1987
Dr Francis Bernard Harris Doctor In Philosophy 1987
Ms Christine Roslaniec German 1987
Mr Christopher David Evans Mathematics 1987
Miss Angela Jane Fenner Chemistry with Materials Science 1987
Dr Alison Ruth Laliere Husband Dental Surgery 1987
Mrs Catherine Deborah Derwin Murphy 1987
Dr Sean Charles Millar Physics 1987
Mr Michael John Edwards Education 1987
Mrs Margaret Elsie Mullen Education 1987
Dr Conor Cruise O'Brien Honorary 1987
Dr Vera Gordon 1987
Sir John Harold Horlock Honorary 1987
Sir Antony Richard Pilkington 1987
Dr David Keith Tappin Metallurgy and Materials Science 1987
Mr Barrington John MacDonald Veterinary Science 1987
Mr Duncan Rowlatt Medieval and Modern History 1987
Mr John Cleary Combined Honours 1987
Mr Joseph Cleary Law 1987
Mr Michael Hubert Balfe Master of Arts 1987
Mr Robert Andrew Barlow Botany 1987
Mr Andrew John Birchall Biochemistry 1987
Ms Paula Elizabeth Dibley Metallurgy and Materials Science 1987
Mr Nicholas Fulke Garratt Medieval and Modern History 1987
Mrs Susan Lisa Lander Bachelor of Arts 1987
Mr Liam Robert Morrisroe French & German 1987
Mr Angus Newton Political Theory and Institutions 1987
Mr Simon Charles Philpot Mechanical Engineering with Management 1987
Mr Martin Stuart Page Physics with Computer Science 1987
Mr Brian Charles Fowler Education 1987
Iyassu Yemane Mechanical Engineering 1987
Mr Victor John Radvils Philosophy & Politics 1987
Mr Charles Neil Ranainghe Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 1987
Dr Elizabeth Marion Lucy Underwood Seymour Medicine 1987
Mr Martin Smith Computer Science 1987
Ms Alison Mary Williams Pure Mathematics 1987
Mr Stuart Paul Andrews Economics 1987