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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Jennifer Mary Wess Medicine 1986
Mr Desmond Platt Thesis 1986
Mr Adrian Ashcroft 1986
Dame Beryl Bainbridge Honorary 1986
Dr John William G Cairney Botany 1986
Mr Robin David Collins Philosophy 1986
Dr Margaret Shirley Curtis Doctor In Philosophy 1986
Mrs Susan Mary Dempsey Bachelor of Education 1986
Sir Kenneth Maxwell Stoddart 1986
Mrs Claire Elizabeth Mary O'Brien Jones Medieval and Modern History 1986
Mr Robert Neil Jessop Geography 1986
Mr Adrian Robert McBurney Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Michael James Moore Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Helen Elizabeth Whelan 1986
Mrs Helen Sarah M Beddow Hasted Mathematical Statistics 1986
Mrs Pamela Anne Marie Taylor Mumford Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Patricia Anne Royle Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Melek Muharrem 1986
Dr Bruce Treharne Wellde Tropical Medicine 1986
Mr Jonathan Kendall Shepherd 1986
Dr Freda Christine Hillam History 1986
Mrs Barbara Hilary Ray 1986
Mr Fergus John Monahan Clinical Psychology 1986
Dr Jean Gottmann 1986
Dr Michael Alexander Harrop Medicine 1986
Sir David Cecil Smith 1986
Sir John Henry Harvey-Jones 1986
Mr Andrew John Campbell Applied Parasitology & Medical Entomology 1986
Mr Robert Andrew Cockrell Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr Paul Adrian Peregrine Davies Design 1986
Ms Ann Provis Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Abdul Rauf Malik Public Administration 1986
Mr Realph Otto Alfred Norland Economic History 1986
Ms Sarah Elizabeth Pearson English Language & Literature 1986
Mr Ian Leslie Wilson Chemistry 1986
Mr Gerard Starkey Design 1986
Mr Andrew Peter Glynn Wilkinson Philosophy 1986
Ms Barbara Anne Ashworth Design 1986
Mr Timothy John Brimble Microbiology 1986