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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Raymond John Poynter Physics 1985
Mrs Susan Mary Jeffcoate Dransfield Bachelor of Education 1985
Mr Richard Craig Belfield Civil Engineering 1985
Mr Alan Robert Davidson Bachelor of Arts 1985
Miss Elizabeth Mary Baldwin Botany 1985
Dr Andrew Bruce Brown Medicine 1985
Professor Robert Walter Steel 1985
Mr Denis John Maloney Geology with Industrial Management 1985
Mr Stephen Phillips Public Administration 1985
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Catherine Stainer Harris French 1985
Mrs Judith Anne Gosling Smith Bachelor of Education 1985
Mrs Julia Molyneux Education 1985
Mrs Karen Patricia Godfree Imms Music 1985
Mr John Damian Johnson Marine Biology 1985
Mr David Thomas F Lusk Bachelor of Arts 1985
Dr Audrey Smith Medicine 1985
Mr Stuart James Elliott Bachelor of Education 1985
Dr Edmund Walters 1985
Mrs Donna Elizabeth Coe Caunt French & German 1985
Ms Anne-Marie Croft Ordinary Degree 1985
Miss Wandeckza Heleana Dubicki Psychology 1985
Mr Bernard Thomas Joseph Riley Bachelor of Arts 1985
Mr Hickson Hellandendu Community Health 1985
Mrs Helen Louise Pass Jones Marine Biology 1985
Mr Jeremy Gwyn Jones Bachelor of Arts 1985
Ms Judith Patricia Fitzgerald Geography 1985
Mr Adrian Kevin Finn Dental Surgery 1985
Mr Colin Richard Forrester Mathematics and Philosophy 1985
Mr Francis George Matthews Sociology 1985
Mr Graham Paul Moynes Law 1985
Mr William Gethin Thomas Dental Surgery 1985
Mr Gregory Paul Williams Zoology 1985
Mr Alfred George Agbenyega Dental Surgery 1985
Mr Andrew Curphey Bridson Electronic Engineering 1985
Mr Paul Ambrose Patrick Brophy Bachelor of Arts 1985
Mr Ian Alexander Burgess Electronic Engineering 1985