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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Emeritus Professor Herbert Henry Burchnall 1984
Miss Frances Elizabeth Crowsley Veterinary Science 1984
Mr Karamo B Kanteh Mechanical Engineering 1984
Mrs Norma Hines Tsakarisianos Psychology 1984
Mr David Frederick Allen English Language & Literature 1984
Dr Michael Mwasunza Chirara Bachelor of Science 1984
Mrs Margaret Violet Beattie Combined Honours 1984
Mr Stephen Andrew Brassett Computational & Statistical Science 1984
Dr Richard Henry Dawson Chemistry 1984
Dr Sylvia Christine Dillon Lyon Psychology 1984
Mrs Rita Fletcher Jones Bachelor of Arts 1984
Mr Vincent Aloysius Cannon 1984
Reverend Martin Howard Hunt Master of Arts 1984
Dr James Alfred Wight 1984
Mrs Catriona Margaret Isobel Donovan MacGillivary Geography 1984
Mr Clive Richard Wilcock 1984
Mr Derek John Whiteoak Physics 1984
Miss Clare Susan Grove Turner Environmental Biology 1984
Ms Carmel Rose Anne Short History 1984
Dr John Stephen Sayle Doctor In Philosophy 1984
Mrs Irene Edith Powell Bachelor of Arts 1984
Mr William Derek Newman Hispanic Studies 1984
Mr Christopher Andrew Mitchell Bachelor of Arts 1984
Miss Margaret Mary Livesey Genetics 1984
Mrs Mita Harris Samuels Social Studies 1984
Mrs Jennifer Margaret Baldock Greaves Geography 1984
Dr Alastair Clydesdale Graves Medicine 1984
Mrs Jean Margaret Foster 1984
Dr Margaret Helen Rule 1984
Dr Norah Margaret Walker 1984
Miss Julie Ann Morris Bachelor of Education 1984
Professor Lovett Lawson Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1984
Mr Vinent Aloysius Cannon Bachelor of Arts 1984
Dr Stephen John Chapman Doctor In Philosophy 1984
Ms Janet Elizabeth Cook Bachelor of Arts 1984
Ms Clare Cosgrove Management & Business Studies 1984
Ms Ann Elisabeth Hughes Medieval and Modern History 1984
Mr Harvey John Jones Physics & Computer Science 1984
Mr John Kielty Psychology 1984
Mr John David Knight Mathematics 1984
Mr Stephen andrew McQuail Psychology with Philosophy 1984
Mr Gary Machin Geography 1984
Dr Harriet Kapampa Munkonge Master of Science 1984
Ms Helen Julie Smith Ordinary Degree 1984
Mr Gerald Walsh Political Theory and Institutions 1984