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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Mark Lingard Veterinary Science 1983
Mr William Roy Huw Davies Veterinary Science 1983
Sir Kenneth James Dover Honorary 1983
Dr John Walton Kellaway Honorary 1983
Mrs Wahdani Begum Abbasi Sociology 1983
Right Reverend Robert Runcie Honorary 1983
Mr David Lloyd Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr Robert Paisley 1983
The Right Honourable Richardson 1983
Dr Alan G Hodgkiss 1983
Mr Michael Edwin Dunbabin Biochemistry 1983
Mrs Margaret Mary Prothero Psychotherapy 1983
Mr Bryan Michael Andrew Casey Building Engineering 1983
Ms Bridget Anne Cash History Medieval and Modern 1983
Mr John Clarke Ordinary Degree 1983
Mr Mark Condron Education 1983
Mr Howard Kingsley Raynor Geography 1983
Ms Karen Lesley Regan Bachelor of Arts 1983
Ms Rebecca Elizabeth Roberts Combined Honours 1983
Mr Carl Jonathan Rufford Clegg Geography 1983
Ms Tina Jeanette Hards Marine Biology 1983
Mrs Christine Margaret El-Mahdy Hobson Oriental Studies 1983
Ms Adelaide Mary Howard Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr Eric Gordon Hughes Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr John Richard Fleming Marine Biology 1983
Mr Mel Richard Farrar Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr Charles Fox Management & Business Studies 1983
Mr Timothy Guy Williamson Electronic Engineering 1983
Mr Michael Robert Williamson Law 1983
Mrs Caroline Charmayne Burgess Gay Bachelor of Arts 1983
Mr Joseph Michael Lyon Political Theory and Institutions 1983
Ms Joy Claire Puttick Sociology 1983
Mrs Pamela Judith Rollason Marsh Geography 1983
Mr Geoffrey Frederick Meeson Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr Peter Henry Mason Ordinary Degree 1983
Mr Philip Mark Presland Electronic Engineering 1983
Ms Sheila Wendy Pinney Bachelor of Arts 1983
Ms Margaret Wilson Bachelor of Education 1983
Mr Mark Timothy Wilson Dental Surgery 1983
Mr Graham Paul Saunders Architecture 1983
Mr David Keith Sherlock Law 1983
Mr Eric Stephen Tarleton Mechanical Engineering 1983
Mr Benjamin Nwankwo Chukwemeka Ananwa Bachelor of Education 1983