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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr David Audu Ahmed Public Administration 1982
Mr Jamal Fayez Awadeh Civil Engineering 1982
Mr John Bennet Bachelor of Education 1982
Mrs Celia Jane Ball Bishop Dental Surgery 1982
Mr Kevin Andrew Dealtry Bachelor of Arts 1982
Dr Paul Martyn Ellis Medicine 1982
Dr Alexander Murray Farrell Medicine 1982
Mr Michael Terence Jones Marine Biology 1982
Dr John Bernard Kenny Medicine 1982
Ms Mariea Diana Kerr Bachelor of Education 1982
Ms Frances Little Master of Arts 1982
Dr Julia Ann Nash Medicine 1982
Dr Chelamkuri Dharma Rao Orthopaedic Surgery 1982
Dr Neil John Russell Medicine 1982
Mr Godfrey Edward Spires Electronic Engineering 1982
Mr George Spyropoulos Public Administration 1982
Dr Patricia Ann Prior Weighill Medicine 1982
Mr John Henry Woollam Mechanical Engineering 1982
Mr Robert Walter Stratton Psychology 1982
Dr James Ellis Brown 1982
Dr Christopher Charles Robinson Medicine 1982
Dr Burton Gajadar Master of Arts 1982
Mr Joseph Kevin Peters 1982
Mr Stephen Whelan Bachelor of Education 1982
The Right Honourable George Tonypandy 1982
Mr Brian Mercer 1982
Mr Anthony John Walsh Education 1982
Mrs Penelope Brenda Anne Davis Watterson 1982
Dr David Sealey Chemistry 1982
Mrs Helen Smith Moyes Ordinary Degree 1982
Professor William Rede Hawthorne 1982
Mr Stephen Telford Smith German with Dutch 1982