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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Mark William Robinson Veterinary Science 1981
Professor Bryan Frederick Warren Medicine 1981
Mrs Caroline Mary Evans Veterinary Science 1981
Mr Bernard Martin Joseph Bradley Hispanic Studies 1981
Mr Paul Nicholas Dove Physics with Industrial Management 1981
Mr Lewis Rust Bachelor of Education 1981
Miss Jean I McLaren Bachelor of Education 1981
Mr Hill 1981
Dr Martin Francis Parnell Master of Arts 1981
Dr Roger Lancelyn Green 1981
Right Reverend David Sheppard 1981
Mr Gary P Meadows 1981
Mr James Joseph Foley 1981
Professor Hok Keung John Yeung Pharmacology 1981
Mr Keith Allison Master of Education 1981
Dr Colin James Barnes Chemistry 1981
Mr Keith Barnett Mathematics 1981
David Michael Charters Economics & Economic History 1981
Mr Paul Donleavy Zoology 1981
Dr Nicola Jane Gilbertson Medicine 1981
Ms Olwen Margaret Jolley Classics 1981
Mr Stephen Martland Bachelor of Arts 1981
Mr Gerard McConville 1981
Mrs Leslie Kim Costantino Medlin Business Administration 1981
Dr Margaret Mary Annie Merrick 1981
Ms Helen Mary Mullany Bachelor of Education 1981
Mr Stephen John Parker Civil Engineering 1981
Mrs Susan Elizabeth Lawton Rogers Sociology 1981
Kristina Walters Economics & Economic History 1981
Dr Judy Beard Medicine 1981
Mr Stephen Gordon Campbell Law 1981
Ms Rosemary Cooke Combined Honours 1981
Stanley John Burnyeat 1981
Mr Robert Kelvin Clarke Bachelor of Education 1981
Mr Roy George Dottie 1981
Mr Alistair Iain Everett Social Studies 1981
Mr Michael Patrick Galvin Electrical Engineering 1981
Mr David Michael Garvie Physics with Industrial Management 1981
Mr Stephen James Gillgrass Psychology 1981
Mr Brendan Anthony Gorman Social Studies 1981
Mrs Anne McEvoy Hamilton Modern History & English Literature 1981
Ms Lynette Ann Holland Medieval and Modern History 1981
James Michael Hollinshead Combined Honours 1981
Ms Rosemary Anne Humphreys Chemistry 1981
Mr David Michael Inman Building Engineering 1981
Mr Mark Svein Iversen Zoology 1981
Mr John Ngula Kayama Metallurgy and Materials Science 1981
Mr Richard Jonathan King Botany 1981
Milan Markovic Electrical Engineering 1981
Mrs Clare Bridget Helen Williams McGuire Bachelor of Arts 1981
Mr Stephen John Moore Geology 1981
Mr James Kinnear Morrison Law 1981
Harold Perry 1981
Mr Iain McNaught Shaw Science General Student 1981
Mr David John Henry Simons Political Theory and Institutions 1981
Ms Pulrene Claire Tallet 1981
Mr John Wallace Thompson Dental Surgery 1981
Mr John Paul Wade Zoology 1981
Ms Susan Nicola Brazel Board of College Studies 1981
Mr Brian Joseph Campbell Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1981