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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Philip Andrew Batty Veterinary Science 1980
Mrs Kelly 1980
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Wallace Seal Pure Mathematics 1980
Mr Ian Andrew Nicholson Commerce 1980
Ms Yvonne Patricia Sergeant Economics 1980
Mrs Nora M Platt Bachelor of Education 1980
Very Reverend Edward Henry Patey 1980
Mr Stephen Martin Gladman Law 1980
Mr Martin Paul James Court Law 1980
Miss Beverley Jane Davis Bachelor of Education 1980
Mr Andrew Edward Robson Architecture 1980
Mr Eric Gary Henry Economics & Economic History 1980
Ms Denise Kay Hunt Geography 1980
Mr Peter George Hyde Bachelor of Education 1980
Ms Marie Therese Hyland Bachelor of Education 1980
Ms Carol Jayne Jones Chemistry 1980
Ms Joan Mary Joss Master of Arts 1980
Mr Sidney Elmitt Bachelor of Arts 1980
Ms Erica Eddleston Bachelor of Education 1980
Dr David Michael Forshaw Medicine 1980
Ms Rita Louise Garlick English Language & Literature 1980
Mr Gerard Gamble Bachelor of Education 1980
Mr Stephen Henry Greenall Physics 1980
Mr Ross Hamilton Lloyd Geophysics (Physics) 1980
Mr John Cordingley Milnes Bachelor of Science 1980
Ms June Shia Lin Oon Psychology 1980
Ms Brenda Elizabeth Parker Bachelor of Education 1980
Mrs Jillian Margaret Johns Simms Music 1980
Mr Kevin Thomas Swain Mathematical Physics 1980
Mr Anthony John Teixeira Bachelor of Arts 1980
Mr James Rowland Whitton Bachelor of Education 1980
Mr Michael Thomas Watkinson Bachelor of Education 1980
Mr Muhammad Saadi Subhi Al-Faqih Community Health 1980
Mr Jeffrey Aufderbeck Civic Design 1980
Mr John Hewitt Banning Dental Surgery 1980
Mr David Walter Leyshon Breakwell Architecture 1980
Ms Cecilia Margaret Byrne Bachelor of Education 1980