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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Michael George David Stoneman Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Alan Michael Kucia History Medieval and Modern 1979
Canon Dennis Baggaley Master of Arts 1979
Mrs Isabel Mary Wilkins Stewart Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Anthony Brian Duffy Education 1979
Dr Anthony Pike Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Dr Audrey Constance Stimpson French 1979
Mrs Sheila Theresa Sarah Edwards Townley Law 1979
Mr Michael Josypenko French & German 1979
Dr Evan Donald Phillips Education 1979
Mr Glynne Marshall Jones Philosophy 1979
Mr Hubert Farrell Starkey Master of Arts 1979
Mr Philip Alan Shaw 1979
Mr Jonathan McQuilken Geochemistry 1979
Mr James Morris Davies Bachelor of Education 1979
Dr Marcus Alexander Sleightholm Medicine 1979
Emeritus Professor Benny Pollack Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr Julian Leander Hurst Botany 1979
Mr Malcolm John Higgins Honorary 1979
Mr Auvtar Singh Banga Chemistry with Industrial Mngt 1979
Ms Jane Elizabeth Brown Latin 1979
Mr Jeffrey John Bennett Economics & Economic History 1979
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Flanagan Morris Education 1979
Mr Paul Anthony Teece Physics (Combined) 1979
Mr Peter Tucker Physics 1979
Mr Phillip Kenwyn Wearne Combined Honours 1979
Ms Rosemary Wynne Dovey Honorary 1979
Mr Allan Durling Electronic Engineering 1979
Mr John James Duxbury Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr David Robert Paul Graham Mathematics 1979
Mr Felix Ing Commerce 1979
Mr David Richard Gratton Civil Engineering 1979
Mr Glynne Hughes Jones Sociology 1979
Ms Stella Jones Honorary 1979
Mr David Stanley Jackson Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Mr Craig Mitchell McBride Mechanical Engineering 1979
Dr Anne Rosemary Kerns Medicine 1979
Ms Elizabeth Quirk Mathematics 1979
Mr Neil John Rowley Chemistry 1979
Ms Elizabeth Alexandra Clarke Social Studies 1979
Mr Rolph William Corrin Veterinary Science 1979
Ms Elisabeth Scarr Pure Mathematics 1979
Mr Kevin Barrie Steeds Commerce 1979
Mrs Jean Morris Stewart Zoology 1979