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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr David Richard Fawcett Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Christopher Tootill Veterinary Science 1978
Mr David Leonard Howarth Computational & Statistical Science 1978
Dr Neil Harrison Cox Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 1978
Mrs E Campbell Bachelor of Education 1978
Mrs Dorothy Ann Rimmer Cockerill Bennion Law 1978
Dr Lilian Machin Master of Education 1978
Sir Robert Mark 1978
Reverend Simon Mark Starkey Sociology 1978
Dr Jane Mary Holmes Matravers Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mr Christopher John Wilton Law 1978
Mrs Joy Rosemary Price Forster Sociology 1978
Mr Fraser Robert Haddleton Honorary 1978
Dr Jon Hewitt Medicine 1978
Mr William Glyn Wright Civil Engineering 1978
Mr Paul Bryce Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Christopher Andrew Burney Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Susan Blewitt Bachelor of Education 1978
Mr Paul Tadeusz Fik Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr Neil Andrew Kenneth Talbot Biochemistry 1978
Mr Nicholas Thompson Environmental Biology 1978
Ms Helen Margaret Veale Geography 1978
Ms Margaret Maria Doran Honorary 1978
Dr Peter David Jones Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mr Piers William John Norbury Bachelor of Arts 1978
Mr Laurence Martin O'Shea Political Theory and Institutions 1978
Dr Declan John O'Brien Medicine 1978
Ms Doreen Ann Mutch Honorary 1978
Mr Andrew Philip Marsden Social Studies 1978
Mr Andrew Wareing March Business Administration 1978
Dr Thein Maung Myint Master of Community Health 1978
Ms Jane Anne Maria Kearns Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Michael John Kimber Economics & Economic History 1978
Mr Garry Clive King Ordinary Degree 1978
Dr Naresh Raichura Medicine 1978
Ms Estella Campbell Honorary 1978
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Amriding Cole Ordinary Degree 1978
Mrs Bridget Vivian Turner Coptcoat Music 1978
Mrs Sandra Ann Keith Dacey Microbiology 1978
Dr Paul Andrew Francis Scott Doctor of Philosophy 1978
Mr Philip James Stevens Political Theory and Institutions 1978
Ms Barbara Anna Chlebik Architecture 1978