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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Geoffrey Carruthers Allen Education 1977
Mr David Owen Williams Geography 1977
Mr Neville Crossley Woodhead Sociology 1977
Mr Raymond Dennis Bend Combined Studies 1977
Dr Eamonn Ruairi Lorcan O'Maille Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Oluwafemi Abimbola Olaloye Orthopaedic Surgery 1977
Mr David Richard Stanley Allison Veterinary Science 1977
Mrs Julia Cecilia Reicher Harris Social Studies 1977
Mr Mouayed Mamdooh Muhsen Brifcani Mathematics 1977
Mr William Peter Lovat Barclay Latin 1977
Dr Dennis Gordon Tompkins 1977
Reverend Robert Way-Rider Thesis 1977
Mrs Jacqueline Margaret Whitfield Bachelor of Education 1977
Mrs Karen Anne Richardson Harley Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr John Roderick Sharvell Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1977
The Right Honourable Asa Briggs 1977
Mr John Herbert Forrester Physics 1977