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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Professor Andrew Kenneth Burroughs Medicine 1976
Dr Christopher Michael Wragg Medicine 1976
Mr John Victor Baldry Biochemistry 1976
Mrs Christine Janet Cutner Wilkinson Pure Mathematics 1976
Mrs Maureen Davis Combined Honours 1976
Dr Anthony S Debson Medicine 1976
Mrs Caroline Hardy Baldwin German 1976
Mr Hurley 1976
Mr Robert Rummer Oceanography 1976
Mr David Williams Geography 1976
Mrs Patricia Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1976
Mrs Catherine E Williams Shallcross Psychology 1976
Dr Margaret Joan Godley Medicine 1976
Mr Robin Short Biochemistry 1976
Mr Michael George Owens Law 1976
Dr Yan Goh Ng Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1976
Mr Mark Henry Billingsley Physics 1976
Ms Joan Patricia Feenan English Language & Literature 1976
Sir John Warcup Cornforth Honorary 1976
Mr James T Cunningham 1976
Ms Beryl Audrey Furlong 1976
Mr Barrie Crossley Master of Education 1976
Mr Roman Andre Gorczak 1976
Mr Richard Anthony Hewes Bachelor of Commerce 1976
John Kenneth Hulme Science 1976
Mr David Ian Hunter Physics 1976
Mrs Susan Ann Cobley Jennings Dental Surgery 1976
Ms Jane Kirk Macnaught Bachelor of Arts 1976
Mr Peter Roberts Economics & Economic History 1976
Mr Gerard Michael Paul Rooney Law 1976
Mr John Charles Walsham Education 1976
Mr Graham Christian Ward 1976
Barry Warhurst 1976
Dr Deborah Cosette Wilson Medicine 1976
Mr John Mark Blezard Modern History & Politics 1976
Rosemary Jane Bowes 1976
Mr Stephen Blow Mechanical Engineering 1976
Mr William Duffy 1976
John Christopher Bavin Embleton 1976
Diahe Mary Gaunt 1976
Mr Philip Henneberry Commerce 1976
Ms Rosemary Jane Henry 1976
Ms Valerie Mary Jones 1976
Catherine Lesley Kendrick 1976
Mr Alan Kenyon 1976
Dr Diane Elizabeth Killcross Medicine 1976
Cheryl Lesley Lewis 1976
Dr Peter Frensham Lingwood 1976
Mr Reginald Loffill Bachelor of Education 1976
Jeremy Ian March 1976
Roy Joseph McIntyre 1976
Mr Robert Thomas Meredith Geography 1976
Ms Patricia O'Hare Mathematics 1976
Mr Robin Charles Oldfield 1976
Mr Charles Alexander Oxley Master of Arts 1976
Robert John Paul 1976
Mr John Robin Pearson 1976
Mr Douglas Adrian Percy Ordinary Degree 1976
Dr Paul Reay Medicine 1976
Gillian Margaret Sharp 1976
Sabine Specter 1976
Mr Martin Ashley Stainer Zoology 1976
Mr Michael John Stephenson Economics & Economic History 1976
Miss Joan Patricia Taylor 1976
Ms Jutith Hilary Teet Bachelor of Education 1976
Dr Roger Anthony Douglas Wood 1976
Mr James Gregory Halson 1976
Mr Freddy Adelbert Rampen Community Health 1976
Mr Fuadirridza Abdul Aziz Engineering 1976
Mr Kau Sik Chui Master of Engineering 1976
Mr Napoleon Atedoghu Ayaobu Cookey Transport Design 1976