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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Roy Hall Veterinary Science 1975
Mrs Lorraine Anne Allan Hutchinson Veterinary Science 1975
Dr David Charles Bridge Medicine 1975
Dr Stewart Andrew Burns Medicine 1975
Mrs Geraldine Ann Robinson Wood History 1975
Dr Ruby Margaret Lewis Diploma in Special Education 1975
Mr Ralph Carlin Riley Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Clive Hollis Amstein Business Administration 1975
Miss Lynn Andrews Biochemistry 1975
Mr Roger Arthur Badham Music 1975
Mr Philip Howard Bassling Bachelor of Science 1975
Mr Stephen John Bell Geology 1975
Miss Janet Billington Combined Studies 1975
Mrs Shirley Yvonne Searl Blissett Bachelor of Education 1975
Dr Christine Elizabeth Jones Cain Medicine 1975
Mr Rowland Diggle Master of Education 1975
Mr Julian Robert Stanley Dixon Veterinary Science 1975
Mr John David Tassie Ordinary Degree 1975
Miss Walker 1975
Mr David John Wells Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Wilson 1975
Mr Keith Malcolm Wood Electrical Engineering 1975
Mr Edward Martin Gore Ordinary Degree 1975
Mrs Anne Goward Modern History & Politics 1975
Dr Thomas Henry Richard Hall Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mrs L Hickman 1975
Dr Zuzana Hughes Dvorakova Master of Arts 1975
Dr Janice Mary Quinby Hunt Medicine 1975
Dr Ita Umo Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Jones 1975
Mr Roger Michael Kelly Law 1975
Mr Kelvin Arthur Layer Geology 1975
Mr McIvor 1975
Mr Geoffrey John Kenning Porter Physics 1975
Professor David William Sheel Bachelor of Science 1975
Mr Marwood 1975
Miss Alison Jane Miller Law 1975
Dr O'Rafferty Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Thomson 1975
Mr John Graham Northcote Bachelor of Education 1975
Professor Paul O'Brien Chemistry 1975
Mr William James Lyon Rushworth 1975
Mr Neil Graham Adnitt Economics 1975
Miss Patricia Jane Addy Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1975
Mr Andrew John Heggie German 1975
Mr Neil Tudor Holman Physical Geography and Geology 1975
Ms Gillian Anne Yates Yates Italian 1975
Mr William Roy Whitelegg Honorary 1975
Mr Arthur Warden Stewart Dick Chemistry 1975
Ms Patricia Anne Dougall Chemistry 1975
Ms Doreen Grant Education 1975
Mrs Eirlys Mary Patchett Jones Biochemistry 1975
Dr Richard Charles Cumming Groves Medicine 1975
Dr Paul Stuart Gregory Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr John Michael Goode Chemistry 1975
Mr Graeme Leander Robertson Mair Science (Engineering) 1975
Ms Irene Dorothy Mills Combined Honours 1975
Mr Robert Ernest Mayhew Geography 1975
Ms Claire Anne Kirton Hispanic Studies 1975
Mr Neville Richard Pritchard Ordinary Degree 1975
Dr Mohammed Ataur Rahim Doctor of Philosophy 1975
Mr Victor John Roberts Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Andrew Nigel Cooper Honorary 1975
Mr Stephen Rijo Shekari Master of Engineering 1975
Mr Charles David Shoesmith Honorary 1975
Miss Valerie Elizabeth Garnett Mathematical Physics 1975