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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Jon Stuart William Glassbrook Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Martin Cleaver Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Richard John Wignall Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Philip Hall Geology 1974
Mrs Noreen Margaret Fox Murphy Greek 1974
Mrs J Ankers 1974
Ms Josephine Hosty Sociology 1974
Miss Penelope Ann Rose Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Mr Arthur Fon Williams 1974
Mr Donald Alan Lowle Oriental Studies 1974
Dr Wilfred Connor Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Baron Brian Hilton Flowers 1974
Professor Dame Georgina Mary Mace Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Alan Birchall Geography 1974
Dr Robert Alexander Agar Geology 1974
Mr Albert Hardman Education 1974
Ms Julie Wilcox English Language & Literature 1974
Ms Janet Marjorie Wood Economics 1974
Mr Timothy Woolford Law 1974
Ms Margaret Joyce Ball Physics 1974
Mr David Samuel Barnes Zoology 1974
Dr Jack Archibald Blyth Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mr Joseph Ernest Bird Dental Surgery 1974
Mrs Theresa May Moyse Flynn Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Alan Treadwell Education 1974
Miss Dzintra Vija Vizbulis Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Marcia Walters Bachelor of Education 1974
Dr Mary Kathryn Sheard Dearing Psychology 1974
Dr Pamela Ingeborg Dickinson Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mr Bernard James Edmunds Honorary 1974
Ms Catherine Gradwell Biochemistry 1974
Mr James Robert Gretton Combined Studies 1974
Mr Harold Anthony Green Honorary 1974
Dr Ernest Gradwell Medicine 1974
Dr David Gwyn Jones Medicine 1974
Obiora Onukwo Veterinary Science 1974
Mr John Barry Mitchell Combined Honours 1974
Ms Sheila Isobel Macpherson McCoy History 1974
Mr Stuart Richard Knowles Social Studies 1974
Mr Hugh James Lavery Honorary 1974
Mr Kevin Peter Livesey Honorary 1974
Dr Hem Chandra Pant Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Professor Geoffrey Eric Petts Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Mr Terence Eric Cyril Poole Science 1974
Mrs Katharine Mary Pratt English Language & Literature 1974
Ms Margaret Patricia Quinn Combined Honours 1974
Mr Philip Richardson Civil Engineering 1974
Mr James Francis Carroll Law 1974
Mr Andrew Simon Cook Law 1974
Mr George Edward Speed Master of Education 1974
Ms Ellen Carol Stainer Combined Studies 1974