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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr John Philip Oliver Veterinary Science 1973
Miss Barbara Fargher Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Ian Frank Jackson Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Neil Tucker Veterinary Science 1973
Mrs Marie Davies Russian 1973
Mr Richard Michael Bend Mechanical Engineering 1973
Mr Michael Henry History 1973
Mr John Pratt English Language & Literature 1973
Mr James Nigel Rodney Taylor Commerce 1973
Dr Huw Owen Thomas Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1973
Miss Anita Estelle Warries Bachelor of Science 1973
Dr Ian Brendan Wooldridge Ordinary Degree 1973
Dr Geoffrey W Place Bachelor of Education 1973
Professor Laurence David Mee Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr James Richard David Lintott Commerce 1973
Mr Richard John Robinson Geography 1973
Sir Colin Davis Honorary 1973
Mr John Brian Sullivan Diploma in Special Education 1973
Ms Margaret Anne Williamson Honorary 1973
Ms Joan Wolfe Pure Mathematics 1973
Mr Charles Sackville Adams Architecture 1973
Mr John Lionel Armstrong Veterinary Science 1973
Mrs Maureen Fleet Ambrose Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Martin Arthur Alder Mechanical Engineering 1973
Ms Elizabeth Norma Byers Honorary 1973
Mr David Joseph Black Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Wolfang Bernd Barc Electrical Engineering 1973
Dr Timothy James Bessell Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mr William Victor Tickle Geography 1973
Mr Paul Anthony Errington Physics 1973
Dr Ing-Stina Ewbank Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Dr Isaac Wyn Jones Medicine 1973
Mr Robert John Jones Dental Surgery 1973
Mr Michael Gorman Political Theory and Institutions 1973
Mr John Markham Political Theory and Institutions 1973
Mr William Murchison Business Administration 1973
Ms Janet Ann Lewis-Jones Law 1973
Dr Lawrence Harold Litt Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mrs Anne Veronica Harris Lucas Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Richard Charles Prentice Geography 1973
Mrs Avril Kathleen Hannam Price Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Peter Ryalls Electrical Engineering 1973
Mr Ian Robert Christie Civic Design 1973
Mr Andrew David Clarke Architecture 1973
Dr Peter Bolitho Coates Medicine 1973
Dr Timothy Gordon Cooke Medicine 1973
Mr William Varnam Coxon Russian 1973
Dr Michael Robert Smith Physics 1973
Mr Peter Swientozielskyj Honorary 1973
Dr Joanna Kinsey Geography 1973
Dr John Anthony Bosley Combined Studies 1973
Dr William Dickson Ions Chemistry 1973
Dr Michael Russell Newsome Baxter Biochemistry 1973