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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Ian Cyril Shapter Veterinary Science 1972
Professor John Calam Medicine 1972
Mr Philip James Carder Bachelor of Commerce 1972
Miss Mary-Elizabeth Raw Veterinary Science 1972
Mrs Joyce Lina Greenough Speakman Bachelor of Science 1972
Ms Caroline Woodhead Social Studies 1972
Mr Wayne Malthoff Jones Philosophy 1972
Dr John Stephen Wright Medicine 1972
Miss Megan Audrey Roberts Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Edward Raymond Shaw Master of Arts 1972
Mr John Edward Vaughan Physics 1972
Dame Veronica Wedgwood Honorary 1972
Professor Robert Arthur Humphreys 1972
Mr Andy Turnbull Economics 1972
Mr Allister Glyn Davies Physics & Mathematics 1972
Mr Peter Taylor Latin 1972
Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister 1972
Mr John Andrew Pinder Social Studies 1972
Dr Tom Lionel Harland Ordinary Degree 1972
Ms Christine Mary Howell Combined Honours 1972
Mr Robert James Tidcombe Howard Architecture 1972
Mr Geoffrey William Henderson Electronics 1972
Mr Graham Alexander Wallace Hanna Architecture 1972
Ms Muriel Jane Butler History 1972
Mrs Lynn Bamford Beesley Physics 1972
Mr Bernard David Fishwick Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Roger Freeman Law 1972
Mr Ifor Thomas Master of Arts 1972
Ms Lynda Barbara Thorn Sociology 1972
Dr Jessie Tilston Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Reverend Dr Peter Toon Master of Arts 1972
Mr Leo Sydney Tyrer Mathematics 1972
Mrs Margaret Susan Cunniffe White-Jones Bachelor of Dental Surgery 1972
Dr Harold Dean Education 1972
Ms Odette Dufau Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Christopher Robert Ecob Civil Engineering 1972
Mr Roger Geoffrey Nicholl Electronics 1972
Mr David Clement Melbourne Sociology 1972
Dr Ian Peter MacMartin Philosophy 1972
Mr Nigel Keith Mills Master of Civic Design 1972
Professor David Iwan Lewis-Jones Medicine 1972
Mrs Joan Elizabeth Hunwick Livesey English Language & Literature 1972
Mr John David Lloyd-Jones Economics 1972
Mr David Gordon Parr Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr John Malcolm Pengelly Geography (Combined) 1972
Mr Antony John Pennington Law 1972
Mr John Stuart Poynor Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr James Rand Modern History & English Literature 1972
Mr Michael Duffin Ross Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Jeffrey Conway Bachelor of Science 1972
Dr Peter Dagnall Medicine 1972
Mr Richard Llewellyn Davies Law 1972
Mr John Henry Day Ordinary Degree 1972