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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Stephen Fletcher Filbin Bachelor of Science 1971
Mr David Anthony Palmer Veterinary Science 1971
Mr John Charles Codner Veterinary Science 1971
Dr Graham Philip Pogrel Medicine 1971
Mr Alastair Aziria Bachelor of Philosophy 1971
Dr David Michael Johnson Chemistry 1971
Mrs Mary Rose History 1971
Mrs Iris Warburton Political Theory and Institutions 1971
Mrs Susan Lesley Aschcroft Hargreaves English Language & Literature 1971
Miss Philippa Rosemary Lloyd Ordinary Degree 1971
Mr Thomas Michael Maybury Bachelor of Science 1971
Dr Michael Charles Oakley Medicine 1971
Mr Frank Greaves Smith 1971
Sister Joan Messina-Ferrante Bachelor of Education 1971
Dr Esmond Bradley Martin Doctor In Philosophy 1971
Mr David Cunnah Civil Engineering 1971
Mr David Frank Hydes Bachelor of Education 1971
Dr Eifion Wyn Williams Doctor In Philosophy 1971
Mr Stephen Harold Alexander Modern History & Politics 1971
Ms Lynda Mary Bragg Ordinary Degree 1971
Mr Richard Bertram Joseph Barker Commerce 1971
Anant Yeshwant Barodekar Mechanical Engineering 1971
Mr Robert Joseph Bates Dental Surgery 1971
Mr Norman Frederick Fellows Ordinary Degree 1971
Mr David Foster French 1971
Mr David Nicholas Varley Mechanical Engineering 1971
Mr Bernard Peter Verrall Business Administration 1971
Professor John Charles Webster Civic Design 1971
Mr Richard Paul Grandfield Architecture 1971
Mr Gareth Jones Bachelor of Education 1971
Dr Robert Jones Modern History & Politics 1971
Mr Martin Lionel Guedalla Social Studies 1971
Mr Howard David Johnson Geology 1971
Mr Adrian Robert Grigg Biochemistry 1971
Mr Ian Arthur Oakley Ordinary Degree 1971
Mr John Gibbs Civil Engineering 1971
Mr Ian Richard Alexander Munnerley Honorary 1971
Ms Kathleen Teresa McCarthy Chemistry 1971
Mr Michael Felix Ivask McVey Metallurgy and Materials Science 1971
Ms Mary Vanessa Kipling Biochemistry 1971
Mrs Jeanne-Marie Palmer French 1971
Mr Derek Oxburgh Phillips Ordinary Degree 1971
Mr Robert William Pierce Dental Surgery 1971
Reverend Norman Leslie Robinson Bachelor of Science 1971
Mr Steven George Rowberry Dental Surgery 1971
Mr Paul Richard Cooper Mechanical Engineering 1971
Ms Irene Danson English Language & Literature 1971
Mr Harvey Noble Stockwell Science 1971