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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr David C K Roberts Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Robert Newmarch Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr George Leslie Pollard History 1970
Dr David Frederick Cottrell Veterinary Science 1970
Mr Kenneth William Leigh Commerce 1970
Sir Charles Barnard Groves 1970
Mrs Janet Margaret Capel Sumner Combined Honours 1970
Dr Gerard Anthony Doyle Music 1970
Mr Andrew Stanley Wain Geography 1970
Dr John Owen Griffiths Medicine 1970
Mr Brian Michael Key Political Theory and Institutions 1970
Mr Alan Charles Joseph O'Shaughnessy Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Stanley George Thorne Political Theory and Institutions 1970
Mr Robert John Hazlett Law 1970
Miss Isabella Forshall Master of Surgery 1970
Mr John Frederick Kirby Classics 1970
Mrs Josephine Elizabeth Kennington Hardwick Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Christopher Moyes Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Isaac Jacob Jackson Lipkin 1970
Dr Robert Fraser Gordon 1970
Ms Frances Lynda Hall Law 1970
Mr Jeffrey Tyson Hartley Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Richard Martin Hedley Law 1970
Mr Leonard Peter Hughes Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Terence John Hobson Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Martin Williams Ordinary Degree 1970
Ms Shirley Bramhill Psychology 1970
Dr Simon Russell Brown Medicine 1970
Mr Peter John Carter Mathematics 1970
Mr Michael Clayton Cheney Law 1970
Dr John David Creer Medicine 1970
Mr William Stephen Cunningham Mathematics 1970
Ms Elizabeth Eileen Davies Science 1970
Mrs Janet Elizabeth Kermode Fisher Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Kevin John Kell Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Robert Kime Medicine 1970
Mr David John Kulich Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Iain Graeme Macleod Honorary 1970
Mr John Robert Pattman Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr John Priestley Chemistry 1970
Mr William Menpes Radermacher Social Science 1970
Mr Derek John Scott Modern History & Politics 1970
Mr Kenneth William Speers Psychology 1970
Ms Teresa Szumowska Social Science 1970
Dr David Anthony Thompson Medicine 1970
Professor Kenneth Richard Seddon Chemistry 1970