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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr John David McCall Architecture 1969
Ms Margaret Anne Jinks German 1969
Mr David Stuart Marr Law 1969
Mrs Vanessa Eve Beeman Hocking Master of Arts 1969
Ms Claire Sheridan Ramsey French 1969
Ms Katherine Elizabeth Barton Law 1969
Mr Timothy Peter Kevin Milmo Commerce 1969
Mr David Brian Beardsmore Law 1969
Mr William Graham Brown Philosophy 1969
Mr Walter Thomas Brown Law 1969
Mr Stuart Brennand Economics 1969
Mr David John Dent Political Theory and Institutions 1969
Mr Edwin Eric Jones Law 1969
Professor Trevor Peach French 1969
Mr Trevor William Grounds French 1969
Ms Anne Wilson Law 1969
Mr Bruce Colin Wilson Philosophy 1969
Mr Francis David Waddington Clarke Master of Civic Design 1969
Mrs Sandra Jennifer Mackay Seale Ordinary Degree 1969
Dr David Yorston Downham Doctor of Philosophy 1969
Mr Kenneth John Marsh Bachelor of Science 1969
Ms Jane Roberts Geography 1969
Ms Gillian Ann Moreton Bachelor of Science 1969
Mr Christopher James Hole Ordinary Degree 1969
Mr Martin Gordon Hall Bachelor of Science 1969
Ms Penelope Groom Ordinary Degree 1969
Mr Jeremy George Taylor Bachelor of Science 1969
Mr Geoffrey Neil Thorne Biochemistry 1969
Mr Carl Lomas Civil Engineering 1969
Dr Kenneth Stanley Proctor Medicine 1969
Mr Martin John Wright Civil Engineering 1969
Dr David Christopher Simmonds Gough Medicine 1969
Dr Kathleen Henry Doctor In Philosophy 1969
Dr Tahmoures Jalayer Doctor In Philosophy 1969
Mr John Ure Wallace Law 1969
Ms Jean Christine Garside Science 1969
Mr Grahame Atkinson Veterinary Science 1969
Dr Ralph Moore Medicine 1969
Dr Anthony John Simmonds Medicine 1969
Mrs Barbara Anne Marfleet Woolley German 1969
Dr David Roberts Zoology 1969
Lord Hartley William Shawcross 1969
Mr Timothy John Barrow Veterinary Science 1969
Dr George Jeffrey Green Bachelor of Science 1969
Mr Alan Atkinson Bachelor of Science 1969
Dr Ernest Thorpe Philosophy 1969
Mr Clive Robin Michael Davies Master of Arts 1969
Mr Robert Mark Broudie Law 1969
Mr Kevin Francis Kelly Physics 1969
Dr Stephen Anthony O'Sullivan Doctor In Philosophy 1969
Mr Clifford Rowley 1969
Dr Clifford Wray Veterinary Pathology 1969
Mrs Teresa Jane Townson Geography 1969
Mr Andrew Thomas Sander Law 1969
Dr Andrew Scott Hopkins Chemistry 1969
Mr Gordon McCrae History 1969
Sir Alan Howard Cottrell 1969
Mrs Celia Frances Miller Roads Politics 1969
Mr Colin Parish Mackey Law 1969
Mr Norman Barry Cass Law 1969
Mr Peter John Winton Law 1969
Mr Robert Lloyd Kneale Law 1969
Dr Alan Rawsthorne 1969
Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Wheeler 1969
Sir Frederick Gibberd 1969