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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr David Smee Ordinary Degree 1968
Ms Elizabeth Deborah Turner Bachelor of Science 1968
Mr Barry Thomas Jefferies Ordinary Degree 1968
Mr David Anthony Green Bachelor of Science 1968
Mr Geoffrey Alan Thorne Electrical Engineering 1968
Mr Donald Robert Leask Civil Engineering 1968
Mr Roger Nicholas Dent Architecture 1968
Ms Judith Bridget Margaret McCannon English Language & Literature 1968
Mr Ashok Kumar Gupta Mechanical Engineering 1968
Mr Nigel Scott Haynes Geography 1968
Mr John Thomas Goodacre Law 1968
Mr David Gareth Pennant-Williams Law 1968
Dr Robert Ramsay Grieve Medicine 1968
Dr Roy Crombie Medicine 1968
Mr Brian John Craven Physics 1968
Dr Anthony Wynn Michael Carton Owen Medicine 1968
Dr Anthony Martin Le Vann Medicine 1968
Dr David Hudgins Medicine 1968
Dr Glen Samuel Rowlands Medicine 1968
Mr Anthony James Earnshaw English Language & Literature 1968
Dr Md Rahmatullah Doctor In Philosophy 1968
Mr Mouaffaq Radif Al-Tikriti Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1968
Mr Peter John Lewis Dental Surgery 1968
Mr Bernard Joseph Foley Master of Arts 1968
Dr Johnson Olutayo Odufalu Bachelor of Philosophy 1968
Mr Peter John Mainwaring Dental Surgery 1968
Mr John David Wilson Veterinary Science 1968
Mr Stephen Alfred Jolley Veterinary Science 1968
Dr Frances Gillian Evans-Jones Robinson Medicine 1968
Dr Kenneth Hope Medicine 1968
Mr Anthony Howard Edwards Law 1968
Mr William Haydn Gittus Veterinary Science 1968
Mr Geraint Wyn-Jones Veterinary Science 1968
Mr Peter John Siddall French 1968
Mr Sean Francis Hughes 1968
Mr Eric Bowyer Bachelor of Education 1968
Mr John Vernon Barraclough Social Studies 1968
Mrs Angela Shirley Blunt Drane Modern History & Politics 1968
Dr Clive Andrew Devall Medicine 1968
Mr Barry Christopher Goldsmith Economics 1968
Dr David Alan Halsall Geography 1968
Dr Philip Ian Meikle Chemistry 1968
Mrs Julia Joy Westwell Jackson English Language & Literature 1968
Mr Emlyn Williams Law 1968
Mr Jude Stanley Philip Spruce Law 1968
Dr Susan Margaret Cook-Teare Cook Zoology 1968
Mrs Lesley Moorhead Alcock Ordinary Degree 1968
Mr Brian William Hall Bachelor of Science 1968
Dr David Lind Doctor In Philosophy 1968
Dr Christopher R Hunt Medicine 1968