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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr John Franklin Humphreys Philosophy 1967
Mr Kenneth Michael Allott Geography 1967
Mr James Edward Brown French 1967
Dr Teng Cheong Ong Civic Design 1967
Dr Gaballa Ali Gaballa Doctor In Philosophy 1967
Dr Harold Charles Pinfold Philosophy 1967
Mr Barry Hindess Master of Arts 1967
Mr Labid Mahmoud Al-Fakhri Architecture 1967
Mrs Cynthia Hodson Whitely Social Science 1967
Mr Roy Millett Science General Student 1967
Mr John Nurse Mathematics 1967
Mr Christopher Bernard Hawthorne Ordinary Degree 1967
Councillor John Leyden Prince Physics 1967
Mr Peter Fulwell Psychology 1967
Mr David Roger Illingworth Biochemistry 1967
Mr Michael Lyndhurst Benn Williams Veterinary Science 1967
Dr Malcolm J Carson Engineering Science 1967
Mr Alan Mottershead Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1967
Mr Ronald Elwyn Palmer Civil Engineering 1967
Mr David Charles Richardson Chappell Civil Engineering 1967
Mr Michael Robson Metallurgy 1967
Mr Benedict Anyaegbuna Obiamiwe Science General Student 1967
Dr Albert Edward Prinn Physics 1967
Miss Kaleen Mary Davies Owen Dental Surgery 1967
Mrs Susan Gillian Town Davenport Bachelor of Science 1967
Mr Ian Hilton Sergeant Veterinary Science 1967
Mr John Barry Campbell Veterinary Science 1967
Dr Michael Patrick Quinlan Medicine 1967
Mr John Albert Coffey Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1967
Sir Kingsley Dunham Honorary 1967
Miss Carolyn Hilda Adams Modern History 1967
Sir Robert Aitken Honorary 1967
Mr Stewart Dickson Criminology 1967
Mr Charles James Doyle Bachelor of Commerce 1967
Mr Eric McKie 1967
Mr John Paul Nance Mechanical Engineering 1967
Dr Wadi Yusuf Nassar Oto-rhino-laryngology 1967
Mrs Jacqueline Sotheran Bidwell Bachelor of Science 1967
Mr Eric Leonard Taplin Master of Arts 1967
Mr Richard Gordon Urry Engineering 1967
Dr Ramesh Shamdasani Electronics 1967
Mr David Alan Keats Taylor Modern History 1967
Mr Paul Howard Bland Law 1967
Mr Stephen Percy Gray Master of Science 1967
Miss Christine Marea Long French 1967
Mr Robert Braidwood Allan Mechanical Engineering 1967
Mr Peter Shields Ryrie Politics 1967
Mr James Robert Branney Law 1967
Mr George William Battersby Bachelor of Science 1967
Mrs Joan Lane Thompson Diploma in Education 1967
Mr Kenneth Oldroyd Public Health 1967