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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Robin Millar Hull Veterinary Science 1966
Dr Robert Peter Balfour Medicine 1966
Mr Henry Peter Hope Veterinary Science 1966
Mr Mark Howard Guy Winwood Veterinary Science 1966
Dr Anthony Whiteside Medicine 1966
Mr Peter Collins Civil Engineering 1966
Dr Charles Brian Goddard Metallurgy 1966
Mr David William Johnson Chemistry 1966
Emeritus Professor Robin Gilbert Charles Bathurst Doctor In Philosophy 1966
Mr Thomas Peter Woodbridge Veterinary Science 1966
Mr Andrew Page Davidson Veterinary Science 1966
Reverend Gordon Arthur Catherall History 1966
Mrs Dorothy Elizabeth Cliff Andrew Mathematics 1966
Mr Derek Edwin Blackwell Ordinary Degree 1966
Mrs Jill Margaret Davies Patchett Social Science 1966
Professor Charles R Boxer Honorary 1966
Dr Roger James Brereton Medicine 1966
Dr Christopher Chopping Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Alfred Richard Cordy Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr John Coventry Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr James Timothy Dowson Medicine 1966
Dr William Hood Biochemistry 1966
Dr John Phillips McKay Medicine 1966
Mr Graham John Presland Master of Arts 1966
Mr Christopher Sutton Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Whelan 1966
Dr Bernard Aspinall Physics 1966
Mr Cyril John Elmes Monk Orthopaedic Surgery 1966
Mr Peter Gerard Ratchford Civil Engineering 1966
Dr George Burt Eagleton Medicine 1966
Mrs Lynette Edith Braithwaite Hanson Bachelor of Science 1966
Mr Leyland Birch Law 1966
Mr Timothy Francis Berry Law 1966
Ms Melanie Barber Archives & Record Management 1966
Mrs Claire Mansfield Flanagan French 1966
Dr Chirstopher Garside Oceanography 1966
Dr Benjamin Elkan Goodman Medicine 1966
Mr John Philip Harrison Russian 1966
Ms Ruth Vivien Farnorth Traynor Heather Bachelor of Science 1966
Eur Ing Terence Stanley Hedges Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Robert Jolley Master of Arts 1966
Dr Roger Youdell Jones Mechanical Engineering 1966
Professor Jane Anne Plant Lunn Bachelor of Science 1966
Mr Anthony Joseph Moorhouse Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Ian Wilfred Newall Electrical Engineering 1966
Lesley Diane Robinson Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Roger Linsey Sibley Commerce 1966
Ms Zoe Irene Taylor Botany 1966
Mr John Francis Leyland Wood Dental Surgery 1966
Mr John Christopher Brownlow History 1966
Mr Kenneth Dinsdale Barker Metallurgy 1966
Mr Michael Donald Bailey Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Kenneth Hedley Brown Bachelor of Science 1966
Mr Michael John Leslie Dampney Architecture 1966
Dr George David Entwistle Medicine 1966
Mr David George Farnsworth Master of Arts 1966
Mr John Kenneth Foxton Civil Engineering 1966
Mr John Richardson Holden Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Trevor Holden Chemistry 1966
Margaret Isherwood Social Science 1966
Mr James Christopher Jackson Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Patricia Jowett Bachelor of Arts 1966
Moira Claire Kelly Geography 1966
Mr Keith William Knight Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Peter Frederick Laing Geology 1966
Dr Stephen Frank Lawrence Lowe Medicine 1966
Mr Colin Bernard McIntyre Mechanical Engineering 1966
Ms Ann Therese Mossman Physics 1966
Mr Russell James Mullen English Language & Literature 1966
Charles Nicholas Murray Ordinary Degree 1966
Mrs Kathleen Mary Pickavance Philosophy 1966
Mr Adam Kinch Proud Law 1966
Edith Murielle Richardson Philosophy 1966
Edwin Dale Scott Geography 1966
Mr David Hiram Stringer Physics 1966
David Anthony Wellington Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Arnold Thomas Whipp Mathematical Physics 1966
Ms Isobel Anne White French 1966
Miss Elizabeth Shaw Williams German 1966
Mr John Martin Cleary Master of Arts 1966
Dr Yoram Goren Philosophy 1966
Dr Svetozar Bozin Philosophy 1966
Ms Sarah Chapman Architecture 1966
Mr Alan Rupert Bayly Electrical Engineering 1966