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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Bernard Edward Gahan Mechanical Engineering 1965
Mrs Gillian Ann Elias Colquhoun English Language & Literature 1965
Dr Brian Arnold Chemistry 1965
Dr Brian Robert Broxup Veterinary Science 1965
Mr David John Bowman Veterinary Science 1965
Mr Robert John Rysdale Mitchell Veterinary Science 1965
Dr Valerie Upton Foster-Smith Jones Medicine 1965
Mr Gary James Allen Bachelor of Commerce 1965
Mr Cooper Veterinary Science 1965
Mr David Edward Jones Veterinary Science 1965
Dr Malcolm Wall Gartside Medicine 1965
Dr Rodney Spencer Ledward Medicine 1965
Dr John Bernard Aspinall Physical Chemistry 1965
Mrs Moira Elizabeth Ashton Fitzpatrick Plant Science 1965
Mr Thomas James Simmons Law 1965
Mr T J Simmons Law 1965
Mrs Jane Patricia Carson Drake Bachelor of Science 1965
Mr Ian Peter Cliff Mathematics 1965
Mr Eric Brown Commerce 1965
Mr Eric Bromley Psychology 1965
Dr John Duncan Hastie Chemistry 1965
Mrs Mary Patricia Reid Angus Social Studies 1965
Mr Jeffrey Kendal George Dentistry 1965
Mr Gerald John Hale Economics 1965
Mr Anthony Willibrord Hewitt French 1965
Dr Roy Edward Lewis Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Gerald McDonald 1965
Mr Michael David Mahony Commerce 1965
Dr Lawrence James Mulheirn Chemistry 1965
Mr Robert Andrew Netherwood Architecture 1965
Mr Peter Michael Pearson Geography 1965
Mr Brian John Tongue Dentistry 1965
Mr Robert Fraser Mack Electrical Engineering 1965
Mr John Stuart Bush Law 1965
Mr Roger Boyd Farley Law 1965
Mr John Linden Law 1965
Mr Nicholas Riocard Kerill Quinn Civil Engineering 1965
Dr Ken A Mulholland 1965
Ms Veronica Kerr Botany 1965
Mrs Christine Anne Durrant Farrer Russian 1965
Professor Harold Townson Science 1965
Professor Sabine Gabiele MacCormack Archives & Record Management 1965
Professor Ernest Raymond Callender 1965
Dr Roger Stephen Davies Medicine 1965
Mr Brian Nicholas Bennett-Cowell Engineering 1965
Mr Clive Bason Geography 1965
Mr Kevin Bove Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Michael Nils Bernhoft Christensen Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Derek Codling Architecture 1965
Mr Peter Curtis Eves Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Robin Maxwell McIntosh Bachelor of Science 1965
Mr Jeffrey Kendal George Dental Surgery 1965
Dr Robert Emrys Maurice Hughes Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Gareth Hollywell Electrical Engineering 1965
Mr Edward James Leigh Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Christopher Grant Logan Economics 1965
Mr Robert Peter Lawson Botany 1965
Mr James John Joyce Dental Surgery 1965
Dr Sudhir Jain Doctor In Philosophy 1965
Mr Badi-Ul-Zaman Khattak Science 1965
Mr Joseph James Navin Bachelor of Arts 1965
Mr Christopher Francis Power Economics 1965
Mr Graham Pinch Ordinary Degree 1965
Mr Vincent Poad Geography 1965
Dr Syed Shabih Haider Rizvi Doctor In Philosophy 1965
Mr Tomas Sigurosson Electrical Engineering 1965
Mr Joseph Paul Sleigh Psychology 1965
Mr Robert Cecil Bruce Webster Orthopaedic Surgery 1965