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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr William Currie McCrea Bachelor of Education 1964
Dr Leonard Eric Houghton Chemistry 1964
Dr John Philip Bottomley Medicine 1964
Dr Thomas Joseph Delaney Medicine 1964
Mr Francis Gerard Hayhurst Veterinary Science 1964
Professor Robin Lee Veterinary Science 1964
Dr Elizabeth Bradburn Doctor In Philosophy 1964
Mr David James Byrne Veterinary Science 1964
Mr John Graham Worthington Metallurgy 1964
Dr Carol Raymonde Ryan Williams Medicine 1964
Dr Philip Coles Few Mechanical Engineering 1964
Dr Duncan Allan Doctor In Philosophy 1964
Reverend Alan Baker French 1964
Dr Michael James Brown Medicine 1964
Dr Henry Elderfield Bachelor of Science 1964
Mr John Richard Crellin Civil Engineering 1964
Dr David Malcolm Wright Medicine 1964
Professor Jack Pearce Biochemistry 1964
Mrs Barbara Eileen Wallington Moulton Ordinary Degree 1964
Dr Maureen Catherine Seddon Maxwell Medicine 1964
Mrs Theresa Ann Smith Phillips Geography 1964
Mr Harold Myatt French 1964
Dr Alan Ernest Oldershaw 1964
Mr David Alan Turner Geography 1964
Mr Christopher Dodgson English Language & Literature 1964
Dr Gary Walker Bachelor of Science 1964
Dr Ansar Husain Tropical Medicine 1964
Dr Ulku Kuran Doctor In Philosophy 1964
Dr John Murray Ordinary Degree 1964
Ms Gillian Margaret Appleby Zoology 1964
Mr Richard Cameron Anderson Electrical Engineering 1964
Mr Richard David Bamber Ordinary Degree 1964
Mr Gareth Clayton Ordinary Degree 1964
Mrs Angela Mary Burrows Fletcher Dental Surgery 1964
Mr Joseph Grady Metallurgy 1964
Mr Peter Howliston History 1964
Mrs Margaret Jean Repton Houstoun Geography 1964
Mr Robert James Lawrence Mathematical Statistics 1964
Mr John Rowland Jones Civic Design 1964
Mr Peter Brendan Rooney Civil Engineering 1964
Mr Gerald Bradwell Royle Geography 1964
Sisir Kumar Samanta Orthopaedic Surgery 1964
Ms Maureen Margaret Shacklady Ordinary Degree 1964
Mr Michael Joseph Turner Economics 1964