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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Michael Francis Mangan Electrical Engineering 1963
Dr William Alexander Grant Electrical Engineering 1963
Mrs Veronica Ann Nicholls Miller Veterinary Science 1963
Mr Peter Dawson Simm Veterinary Science 1963
Dr Anthony James Greig Medicine 1963
Mr Vassilis John Valambous Commerce 1963
Professor Alan Richard Wellburn Psychology (SES) 1963
Mr David James Crompton English Language & Literature 1963
Mr Paul Scotson Bramley Veterinary Science 1963
Mr Gwyn Edward George Davies Veterinary Science 1963
Mrs Carole Ann Boddington Anderson History 1963
Mr Edward Carter Classics (Greek and Latin) 1963
Mr George Martin Du Sautoy English Language & Literature 1963
Mr Jim Grahame Settle Mathematical Statistics 1963
Mr Alfred Thompson Williams Orthopaedic Surgery 1963
Captain Jeffrey Vincent Wilson Electrical Engineering 1963
Miss Christine Mary Hibbert Geography 1963
Mr James Cyril Higginbottom Electrical Engineering 1963
Mr Derek Griffiths Law 1963
The Right Honourable Todd 1963
Mr Harry Melville 1963
Mr Stuart Rees Purcell Hispanic Studies 1963
Mr John David Lunn Bachelor of Science 1963
Mr Robert Allen Metallurgy 1963
Mr Ian Lester Booth Bachelor of Science 1963
Mr Roger Anthony Pedder Economics 1963
Mrs Jacqueline Jenkins Pratt Bachelor of Arts 1963
Mr Michael Leslie Shone 1963
Dr David John Hall Mechanical Engineering 1963
Mr Joseph G Huntingford Civic Design 1963
Mr Dennis George Hooton Mechanical Engineering 1963
Mr Michael Emanuel Wolff Law 1963
Mr Fawzy Mostafa Abdel-Kader Orthopaedic Surgery 1963
Mr Donald Field Architecture 1963
Mr Sean Damien Andrew Murphy Dental Surgery 1963
Mrs Flora Stewart Figgins McVey French 1963
Mr Philip Garnet Mitchell Bachelor of Science 1963
Mr Bertram Gerald Mendelsohn Orthopaedic Surgery 1963
Dr Alan James Mearns Medicine 1963
Mr Jack Douglas Prescott Electrical Engineering 1963
Dr Robert David Howard Chemistry 1963