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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Ednyfed Wyn Parry Medicine 1962
Mr Keith Richard Gooderham Veterinary Science 1962
Mr Nicholas Eugen De Ban Veterinary Science 1962
Mrs Norma Margaret Hamilton Pulley Veterinary Science 1962
Mr Peter Livingston Bardgett Veterinary Science 1962
Mr Andras Karoly Fabry Veterinary Science 1962
Dr Edward John Hayes Medicine 1962
Dr Alma Lee-Young Lum-Ser Medicine 1962
Dr Roger Beverley Howard Bachelor of Science 1962
Dr Peter Martin Lee Mathematics 1962
Mr Michael Peter Entwistle Veterinary Science 1962
Mr Brian Charles Rawson Veterinary Science 1962
Mr Huw Geraint Williams Veterinary Science 1962
Emeritus Professor Dennis Basil Bromley Doctor In Philosophy 1962
Mrs Barbara Jennifer Hitchon Clark Geography 1962
Dr William Humphries 1962
Dr Mark Wesley Kermode Mathematical Physics 1962
Mr Michael Antony Cohen Economics 1962
Mr Frank Neil Gordon Anderton Civil Engineering 1962
Mrs Ann Marks Kenyon Bachelor of Science 1962
Dr Walter Rostron Price Metallurgy and Materials Science 1962
Mr David Leslie Williams Metallurgy 1962
Dr David Peter Winder Medicine 1962
Dr David Shafiq Ahmed Medicine 1962
Dr John Edward Portmann Oceanography/Chemistry 1962
Mr William Brian Graves English Language & Literature 1962
Mr James Christopher Ledgerd German 1962
Mr Geoffrey Marshal Austin Bachelor of Science 1962
Dr Robin Isles Loftus Guthrie Certificate In Education 1962
Dr Basil Helal Orthopaedic Surgery 1962
Mr Thomas Gordon Wadsworth Orthopaedic Surgery 1962
Mr Raymond Newcomb Veterinary Science 1962
Dr Stephen Anthony Cullen Medicine 1962
Mr George Gerald Riffkin Veterinary Science 1962
Emeritus Professor Ralph Mansell Prothero Doctor In Philosophy 1962
Professor Abdool Rahim Moossa Physiology 1962
Mr Derrick Strickland Norris Bachelor of Science 1962
Dr Harold Spencer Chemistry 1962
Dr Francis Bebbington Goodacre 1962
Dr Harold Partington 1962
Dr Thomas Lloyd-Jones 1962
Mr John William Hughes Law 1962
Dr Penelope Ruth Wolff Huddart Bachelor of Science 1962
Mr Eric James Heald Bachelor of Science 1962
Dr John Roger Hadfield Chemistry 1962
Dr Colin John Woods Medicine 1962
Dr John Walter Busby Medicine 1962
Mr Richard Callison Law 1962
Mr Mark Alan Shaw Cameron Bachelor of Arts 1962
Mr Charles Henry Lubienski Bodenham French & Hispanic Studies 1962
Professor Thomas Bell Metallurgy 1962
Mr William George Barlow Bachelor of Science 1962
Mr David John Fitch Economics 1962
Ms Brenda Margaret Thomas Master of Arts 1962
Ms Gillian Nora Beatrice Thompson Bachelor of Science 1962
Mr William Nicholas Timmis Bachelor of Science 1962
Mr Michael Peter West Architecture 1962
Mr Michael Whattam Marine Engineering 1962
Mr Douglas Robert Edwards Mechanical Engineering 1962
Mr Christopher John Ellis Civil Engineering 1962
Mr Edward Christopher Gotham Commerce 1962
Mr William Gill Architecture 1962
Mr Colin Larvor Electrical Engineering 1962
Dr Petronella Cornelia Clarke Leighton Medicine 1962
Dr Harry David Locksley Doctor In Philosophy 1962
Ms Michele Julia Lovegrove English Language & Literature 1962
Mr Douglas Gordon Rodway Law 1962
Mr Stuart Paterson Cassie Bachelor of Arts 1962
Mr Frederick James Layland Crammond Bachelor of Science 1962
Ms Elizabeth Ann Brand Simpson Civic Design 1962
Mr Anthony George Dent Swift Dental Surgery 1962
Dr Zakie Sadiq Al-Attar Mechanical Engineering 1962