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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Emeritus Professor Gwilym Barrie Edwards Veterinary Science 1961
Dr Ian Gibb Bogle Medicine 1961
Dr Stanley Bernard Cohen Medicine 1961
Mr David Albert Kennington Veterinary Science 1961
Dr Eric Wilsher Medicine 1961
Mr John Richard Barnes Geography 1961
Mr John Colin Holloway Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Norman David Moule 1961
Dr Nicholas William James Pumphrey Chemistry 1961
Mr Michael Charles Davey Law 1961
Mr Denys Halley Goose Master of Dental Surgery 1961
Mr Roger I Gedye Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Rodney Bee Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Christopher Malcolm Batty Architecture 1961
Mrs Barbara Mary Daniell Vaughan Physics 1961
Dr David Richard Bowsher Doctor In Philosophy 1961
Miss Maureen Joyce Smith English Language & Literature 1961
Mr Keith Lockyer Geography 1961
Mr David James Price Civil Engineering 1961
Mr James Christopher Tomlinson French 1961
Mr Denis Gage Wray Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mrs Barbara Wakeham Broad Social Studies 1961
Dr Terence Murphy 1961
Mr Arthur George McAllister Bachelor of Education 1961
Dr Robert Neil Wynn-Williams Medicine 1961
Mrs Margaret Blanche Brown Strong Geography 1961
Mr David Robert Procter Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr James Magnall Hoyle Law 1961
Mr Geoffrey Vivian Halliday-Pegg Civil Engineering 1961
Mr Alan Keith Robinson Civil Engineering 1961
Emeritus Professor Peter Neville Davies Economics 1961
Dr Ritar K Saverimuttu L.M.S.S.A 1961
Dr Alexander Henderson Bachelor of Science 1961
Mrs Marjorie Grace Cameron Almond Bachelor of Arts 1961
Dr Peter Thomas Andrews Doctor In Philosophy 1961
Dr Charles Howard Campbell Brunton Geology 1961
Mrs Patricia Ann Constanti Baxendale Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Annette Mary Spurway Theaker French 1961
Dr William Joseph Thompson Medicine 1961
Mr David Earle Walker Veterinary Science 1961
Landeg Ernest White English Language & Literature 1961
Mr Keith Middleton Whiteside French 1961
Mr John Michael Dennis History 1961
Mr Albert Victor Diamond Master of Arts 1961
Ebrahim Essop Goga Law 1961
Dr Terence Michael Murphy Medicine 1961
Mr Roger Staley Kerridge Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Brian Victor Proudlove Chemistry 1961
Mr Brian Prudham Political Theory and Institutions 1961
Ms Joyce Purvis Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mr Joseph Emmanuel Quartey-Cofie Veterinary Science 1961
Ms Elsie Margaret Rimmer Physics 1961
Mr George Thomas Rooney Mechanical Engineering 1961
Mr Harry Chambers English Language & Literature 1961
Dr Ebenezer Coleman Daniels Medicine 1961
Professor Joseph Frank Sambrook Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr David John Sharpe English Language & Literature 1961
Mr Robert Paull Stanislaus Stam Mechanical Engineering 1961