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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Mai Barford Edwards Medicine 1960
Mr John Michael Walker Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Paul Adrian Zagni Veterinary Science 1960
Dr Gareth Wyn Griffiths Medicine 1960
Dr Ivor William Hughes Medicine 1960
Dr John Haydn Martindale Medicine 1960
Dr Richard James Duggan Chemistry 1960
Mr Colin Fell Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Anthony Felix Batty Veterinary Science 1960
Mr John David Delme Edwards Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Michael William Fitton Veterinary Science 1960
Mr John F Douglas 1960
Mr William Brownlie Graham Hart Geography 1960
Dr Frances Anne Hardy White German 1960
Mrs Barbara Anne Horrocks Moore Geography 1960
Mr John Paget Langley Geography 1960
Mrs Langley 1960
Mr John Murdin Geography 1960
Mr Graham Charles Rivett Geography 1960
Miss Margaret Elizabeth Robinson Licence in Dental Surgery 1960
Mrs Eryl Annie Todd Williams English 1960
Dr Neville Emanuel Lipkin Medicine 1960
Mr George Fred Atkinson Classics 1960
Mrs Beryl Brenda Tuley Moulton Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr John Durham Blundell Geology 1960
Mrs Stella Suddes Cunliffe Chemistry 1960
Mrs Margaret Mary Mann Evans English 1960
Dr Gerald Edmond Fawcett Medicine 1960
Dr Akkanapragada Naraya Prasad Doctor In Philosophy 1960
Dr John Jeffrey Aitken Medicine 1960
Dr John Brian Owen Thomas Medicine 1960
Ms Isabel Mary Hopwood Social Sciences 1960
Ms Anne Mary Hughes Hamer Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Charles Hilary Hewitt Mechanical Engineering 1960
Mr John Michael Hubbard Law 1960
Mr Dennis Stephenson Wood Geology 1960
Mr John Leon Allamand Geography 1960
Mr Edgar Atkinson Chemistry 1960
Mr Arnold Audsley Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr George Eustace Theodore Brancker Law 1960
Dr Anne Bayley Medicine 1960
Mr Michael Anthony Gerrard Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Alec Wall Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr Mary Brigid Wallace Medicine 1960
Dr William Anthony Warburton Medicine 1960
Mrs Susan Elizabeth Saxton Ward Ordinary Degree 1960
Ms Susan Rosemary Webb Architecture 1960
Dr Malcolm Webster Medicine 1960
Dr Thomas Twisse Westhead Medicine 1960
Mr Leslie John Myatt Dental Surgery 1960
Mr Philip Eden William Morris Geography 1960
Mr John Philip McMenamin Classics 1960
Mr John Roger Mines Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Jonathan Mansfield Architecture 1960
Professor James Moruzzi Electrical Engineering 1960
Dr Janis Laimonis Mikitis Medicine 1960
Mr Peter Barington Legg Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr Brian Charles Longstaff Medicine 1960
Mr Kenneth Arthur Pattinson Bachelor of Arts 1960
Dr Nicol Jamieson Peacock Doctor In Philosophy 1960
Mr John Walter Punshon Civil Engineering 1960
Dr Peter Anthony Rainford Medicine 1960
Mr John Chambers Commerce 1960
Dr Avril Gwendolen Clarke Medicine 1960
Mr Donald Eric Sutton Architecture 1960