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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Philip George Francis Veterinary Science 1958
Mrs Sarah Patience Mary Browne Williams French 1958
Mrs Anne Shirley Cross Lloyd Veterinary Science 1958
Dr Arthur Lancaster Ansdell Medicine 1958
Dr Robert Philip Christian Medicine 1958
Mr Andrew Guy McFarland Veterinary Science 1958
Dr Malvina Harris Max Medicine 1958
Mr Frank Smith Walmsley Geography 1958
Professor Francis Xavier Aylward Doctor of Science 1958
Dr John Threlfall Barber Bachelor of Science 1958
Mr Hertzog Berzen Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Mr Charles Leslie Cookson 1958
Mr Patrick Henry Corkery Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Mr Robert Laugharne Llewellyn Dental Surgery 1958
Mr David Nigel Max Law 1958
Dr Joseph G Thomas 1958
Mr Alan Hugh Edwards Architecture 1958
Mr Timothy Richard Graham Bachelor of Science 1958
Mr James Alfred Hankinson Master of Arts 1958
Dr Frederick Henry Hayes Chemistry 1958
Mr Ronald W Horrocks 1958
Dr Hutchinson 1958
Mr David Rodney Pearse Dentistry 1958
Mr Geoffrey Ewart Walker Economics 1958
Mrs Sylvia Helen Williams Tempest Social Science 1958
Dr Leslie John Hipkin Medicine 1958
Dr Bertram Lyle Rathbone 1958
Mr William John Taylor Geography 1958
Mrs Suzette Sonia Jarvis Punter History Medieval and Modern 1958
Mr David Pelham Hudson Law 1958
Dr Richard Kenneth Brummitt Botany 1958
Mr Derek Taylor Electrical Engineering 1958
Mr John Arthur Barrington Civil Engineering 1958
Professor Graham William Ashworth Architecture 1958
Dr John Baptist Fallon Mechanical Engineering 1958
Mr Garth Michael Procter Veterinary Science 1958
Dr John Peel Russian 1958
Dr Donald James West Medicine 1958
Mr Alan James Biggs English Language & Literature 1958
Mr Raymond Sidney Brock Master of Arts 1958
Mr David John Andrew Alsop Civil Engineering 1958
Mr James Arthur Terrell Aspden Civil Engineering 1958
Dr William Green Medicine 1958
Dr Prem Begraj Gupta Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Mrs Rachel Eleanor Gollins Lawson Bachelor of Arts 1958
Dr Peter James Moorhead Medicine 1958
Mr Philip Egerton Harry Monks Civil Engineering 1958
Mr James Bernard McVerry Hispanic Studies 1958
Ms Brenda Eileen Mary Mercer Bachelor of Arts 1958
Ms Roberta Maria King History 1958
Dr Derek Dominic Hughes Medicine 1958
Dr David Anthony Hutchinson Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Gunnar Age Vega Dental Surgery 1958
Ms Josephine Mary Peasegood Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Alan Lawrence Parratt Electrical Engineering 1958
Mr Michael John Stubbs Electrical Engineering 1958
Mr Thomas Brian Stowell Physics 1958
Mr John Gwynn Thomas Ordinary Degree 1958
Ms Mary Louise Sambrook English Language & Literature 1958