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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr John Wharry Dundee Anaesthesia 1957
Mr John David Wharton Anatomy 1957
Dr Mohamed Kamal El-din Hussein El-Rifi Medicine 1957
Dr Jean Charlotte Le Riche Medicine 1957
Mr George Thake Veterinary Science 1957
Dr Gwenllian Joy Pryce Medicine 1957
Dr Daniel Cohen Medicine 1957
Dr Christopher Cheyne Medicine 1957
Dr Robert Dittman Medicine 1957
Dr Peter Richard Blenkinsop Medicine 1957
Dr Paul Arrowsmith Medicine 1957
Dr William George Clayton Medicine 1957
Mr Anthony Gilbert Physics 1957
Dr Carlton Hugh Taylor-Robinson Biochemistry 1957
Mr William Bernard Supple Economics 1957
Mr David Anthony Peart English Language & Literature 1957
Mr Brian Cadby English Language & Literature 1957
Mr James Lowe O'Donahue Architecture 1957
Mr William Anthony Ingram Bachelor of Arts 1957
Mr Alfredo Raymond Adanez Bachelor of Arts 1957
Mr John David Bishop Mechanical Engineering 1957
Mr Christopher James Terry Civil Engineering 1957
Ms Eileen Martin German 1957
Mr Joseph Vincent Coady Economics 1957
Mr William Parry Science General Student 1957
Dr Geoffrey Pass Philosophy 1957
Dr Emmanuel Vander Tetteh-Lartey Medicine 1957
Dr June Winifred Jack Guy Medicine 1957
Dr Frederick Alexander Harrison Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Roger Talon Jones Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Keith Bolger Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Hedley Whiteley Veterinary Science 1957
Dr Patricia Winifred Rosemary Daymond Medicine 1957
Dr James Frederick Archer Medicine 1957
Mr John Anthony Russell Holmes Veterinary Science 1957
Professor John Mccormack Howell Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Thomas Arnold Jenkinson Veterinary Science 1957
Mr John Tyler Veterinary Science 1957
Dr Raymond Leslie Goyne Medicine 1957
Dr Colette Cecilia Pickstock Green Medicine 1957
Dr John Granville Reader Medicine 1957
Dr Vera Jean Tyler Capey Medicine 1957
Mr Kenneth Whincup Bachelor of Arts 1957
Mr John Graham McLean Bachelor of Science 1957
Mrs Susan Cooper Yearsley Dentistry 1957
Mr Patrick Joseph Dowling Bachelor of Science 1957
Dr Mary Catherine Bernadette O'Malley Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Andrew Charles Bygrave Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Raymond Lancaster Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Alfred Edward Murgatroyd Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Roger Ewbank Veterinary Science 1957
Emeritus Professor Thomas Kelly Philosophy 1957
Dr Alan Knifton Veterinary Science 1957
Mr Donald James Ashton Mathematics 1957
Mr Thomas George Chartres Architecture 1957
Miss Catherine Gaynor Edwards Architecture 1957
Mr Kenneth Charles Binns Physics/Mathematics 1957
Dr John Stephen Crighton Chemistry 1957
Mrs Christine Ann Foulger Ball Bachelor of Science 1957
Dr Herbert Frood Medicine 1957
Mrs Brenda Dorothy Gee Bushnell Zoology 1957
His Honour David Gee Law 1957
Mr Frederick David James Physics 1957
Mr Richard G John Electric Power Engineering 1957
Mr Colin Campbell McCormick 1957
Mr Samuel Alasdair Munro Geography 1957
Mr John Peter Smith Chemistry 1957
Mr Peter Myles Moran Law 1957
Her Honour Judge Anne Elizabeth Downey Law 1957
Mr John Pattison Revill 1957
Dr Joseph Griffiths English Language & Literature 1957
Mrs Ivy Gwendoline Morgan Bartlett Mathematics (Combined) 1957
Mr Graham Price Chemistry 1957
Mr Ian Stanislaus Grant Mechanical Engineering 1957
Mr John Done Civil Engineering 1957
Mr Kenneth George Valentine Civil Engineering 1957
Mr Geoffrey Norris Law 1957
Mr James W Patten Psychology 1957
Professor Allen Cunningham Architecture 1957
Mr George Henry Reade Electric Power Engineering 1957
Mr Howard Norman Dahlgren Civic Design 1957
Dr Joseph Owen Lavelle Medicine 1957
Dr Dewi Wyn Owen Medicine 1957
Professor Anthony Ledwith Doctor In Philosophy 1957
Dr John Costain Knight Chemistry 1957
Mrs Rachel Hope Moulton-Monk Moulton Architecture 1957
Mr Charles Atkinson Sowerby Dentistry 1957
Mr Bruce Ramsay Wilson Bachelor of Science 1957
Dr James Cullen Bachelor of Science 1957